Rusty and Winded

Rusty and Winded

25 Men showed up to close out there work week and deposit a hefty downpainment.

The Thang,

Jog to the East parking lot for a little warm up.

25- SSHs

10- Merkins

15- Squats

10- Merkins Burpees per minute for 10 minutes.

Jog to the parking lot near Panera.

15- Flutters

20- Imperial Walkers

Count off by two (some difficulty in the pax).

Head to the Carmel Corner Center.


10- Merkins

15- Squats

20- LBCs


Lap up the stairs over to the other side and down.

Flap Jack x3


Jog to the picnic tables.

11s with dips and decline merkins (fatigue was setting in and I have no idea if I finished the whole set)


Jog to the back parking lot for some Mary.

25- Rosalitas 6 inches hold

20- Freddie Mercury

15- Squats

20- LBCs

10- Knee Ups


Head to the COT with just enough time for 10 more burpees



YHC was confused by the lack of mumble chatter about 10 Burpees per minute for 10 minutes.  Probably just as confused as the Pax was by doing 10 merkins per minute for 10 minutes.  Problem was quickly resolved.  Burpees are even more deflating when RunStopper finishes them in half the time. #rediculus

Welcome FNG “Gutter Ball”, solid name.  Hope to see you in the gloom again soon.

It is great to be back with the pax and I feel fortunate be able to lead once again.  With that being said, it is time for some of the pax to start stepping up for your first Q.  I am happy to split the workout with any of you, as will many of the other seasoned Q’s.  It is not as difficult as it might seem, you will actually wonder why you had waited so long in the first place.  I will be setting up a online Q sheet soon.

Check the website and weekly email for new workout locations, events, and information.



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10 years ago

11’s and the circuits at Carmel Village were painful.
Few observations from this morning:
Runstopper’s burpee pace is absurd — he should double the count for himself!
Radar’s continual crop-dusting of the pax is just wrong.
Philmont’s gestures during name-o-rama are pure comedy. The man is a mystery wrapped inside an enigma….love ya brother! And T-claps as you continue to get stronger.
SOBs were talking junk about the Twitchers….look forward to hearing about that showdown next week. Injuries are sure to happen as the testosterone will be off the charts.

Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

The PAX needs to learn to listen and move quickly when the Q call an exercise. 10 minutes with 10 merkins per minute would have been perfect. Some men (no names here) have to wait around instead of just jumping in and doing whats called.

Did anyone actually count Runstoppers burpees (and Purple Haze for that matter as both were fast)? Wondering if we have some of that new and/or advanced math going on (multiply by 3, divide by 5, add 1, subtract 8 = 10). DONE

Purple Haze
Reply to  Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

Chelms – I have been training at the Runstopper and Bulldog led Institute for the Short Man Burpee. I did 10 each and every time…even left the ground at the top of each burpee, unlike some (Radar).

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