There can only be 1…..

There can only be 1…..

13(Including 1 FNG) planted the flag and decided to attend the There Can Only Be 1 downPAINment handed out by Crabcake. There is only 1, no impostors allowed and none seen at The Anvil this fine morning.
The Thang
Jog around the lot with butt kickers, high knees as we make our way to Rea rd entrance hill. Bear crawl half way down, sprint to the bottom, then back up for COP.
10 Burpees oyo
20 SSH in cadence
5 Burpees
20 IW in cadence
20 Merkins oyo
20 LBC in cadence
20 close arm Merkins
Run to same hill, bear crawl down, run up, back to circle and wait for jack. Hey he’s waiting for us, welcome Jack Squat.
1 jump squat. Make sure you get your knees up. 5 squats
2 jump squats. 10 squats
3 jump squats. 15 squats
Continue to 10 jump squats. 50 squats.
Enough fun with Jack. YHC could do no more. But we can jog. Mosey around the lot and make it to the baseball field.
2 groups, 1 headed down the 3rd base and and the 2nd headed down the 1st base line.
1st and 3rd base 25 CDD
2nd base 20 Merkins
CF fence 25 calf raises
1 group to LF, 1 group to RF 20 diamond Merkins
Run to your dugout, 25 dugout dips. Plank until all done with r and l hand high.
That was fun, lets repeat
Jog to lot for MOM
LBC, rosalita and the protractor. Lots of grunts with this one.
Jog to end of lot with karaoke left and right, backwards run back to finish.
Great job to all the pax and thanks for allowing me to lead you in the gloom. Jack is a beast and seems to rear his ugly head ever so often. YHC had wobbly legs after that.

New workout beginning Rebel yell, 08/29 at polo ridge elem. watch for the per-blasts
HDHH every Wednesday check the website for time and place.
Our thoughts and prayers with Dolphin and his family. Together we are strong

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Young Love
10 years ago

I don’t care who you are, 275 squats mixed with 55 jump squats in a 7 minute period is tough. Thank you Jack Squat. Thank you for coming. Thank you even more for leaving.

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