A Bunch of Brick Masons Running Down Hwy 51?

A Bunch of Brick Masons Running Down Hwy 51?

17 hardened & dedicated pax ignored their #cantores and braved the elements for a hefty downPAINment at The Rock.

The Thang:

YHC yelled follow me and ran 15 feet to my SUV where I opened the back to reveal the brick pavers that we would be using for today’s workout.  Grab your pavers and mosey out to the front of the church for:

COP #1:

SSH x 30

Imperial Walkers x 30

Pick up your bricks for:

Man Maker Merkins x 15

Jumping Lunges x 15

Push / Press x 20

Renegade Rows x 20

Squats x 20

Man Maker Merkins x 15

Push Press x 20

Renegade Rows x 15

Squats x 20

Man Maker Merkins x 15

10 Burpees w/ your Bricks OYO

Drop bricks and start our off campus burpee run about .75 miles to Davey Park Playground.  As we ran YHC would randomly blow a whistle and all pax would stop and do 5 burpees then plank for all to finish or catch up, then keep going.

At playground we did 3 sets of: 10 Pull-ups, 20 Dips, 20 Declined Merkins, 30 LBCs, & 30 Jump Ups / Step Ups.

Lunge Walk in parking lot then mosey to hill & bear crawl up.

Burpee Run back down 51 (Pineville Matthews Rd) back to our bricks for a little more work.

COP #2:

Man Maker Merkins x 15

Squats x 15

Push / Press x 25

Renegade Row x 14

10 burpees OYO w/ bricks

Man Maker Merkins x 15

Mosey over to church wall for Peoples Chair with brick curls for 60 sec x 2.

Mosey back to shovel flag with enough time for 3 MOM: Flultter w/ bricks over head x 20, Russian Twist w/ bricks x 15.


Naked Moleskin:

T-Claps to the pax for posting in the cool rain this morning and not staying in the warm fartsack.  YHC wanted to do something different today so I contacted Chelms to ask where he got his bricks and how much they were.  Many thanks to him for allowing YHC to stop over to his house to pick some up for todays downPAINment.  By the way Chelms, you have a slithery friend living in that pile of pavers.  YHC almost grabbed the Cottonmouth while loading them up but luckily he was as frightened as I was and went back down underneath.

While Honey Bee did post with his FNG friend, a real bee was sitting on one of Wolfman’s pavers and proceeded to sting his leg as he got them out of the back of my SUV.  Sorry brother, I hope the sting didn’t hurt too bad.

And speaking of FNG, Kyle L. had a strong first posting today as we hit a lot of strength work with the pavers and a little cardio from the off campus burpee run YHC borrowed from 49er from the Hydra workout Thursday.  In the COT name-a-rama our FNG mentioned he went to Penn State.  This set-off a flurry of discussion and laughter on possible names.  However we finally landed on Soa-Pa.  It was great having you out and hope to see you again soon.

T-Claps to Hops for doubling down after he was strong armed into posting at The Worm by Swamp Fox.  When you dish it out over twitter you also have to take it and he did so like a man!


2 new 3rd F workouts starting up soon: Wednesdays at Starbucks on Rea Rd at Bevington, conveniently located for all Wed workouts Death Valley, Anvil, and The Maul.  Also starting Fri the 13 is a 3rd F workout located at the Panera Bread at Carmel and Hwy 51 close to Centurion.

Until Next Time!

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10 years ago

Good work MC. I was hurting. Did enjoy busting the Q cheating on his burpees #3doesnotequal5
Had total leg failure on the people’s chair…brutal way to finish the morning.

Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

Any other PAX who know how to evict a cottonmouth can have free pavers. Contact me to arrange time for payment (after services rendered). I only need to keep enough to keep the PAX at Centurion (and Gamucci – just don’t tell Six Mike) honest

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