The Secret Garden (Path)

The Secret Garden (Path)

34 PAX entered the gloom for a hefty downPAINment consisting of maybe a little too much running for the day after Fast Twitch for many and more than enough upper body work for most.

The Thang:

Run to track for warm ups
10 Burpees OYO
SSH x 25
Imperial Walka x 20 or so
Peter Parkers x 18
Mountain climbers x 18
20 Merkins OYO

Head to park and play a quick game of find the %$#^* trail

Over the river, the log, the high grass and through the woods to the park

Jog to (little) hill
Merkin and burpee ladder 7s

Jog to playground

Partner up with someone faster or slower than you. Might be a good idea to get their nickname.

Partner 1 does pull ups while partner 2 runs a lap around parking lot then flapjack
Repeat with merkins
Repeat with dips
R&R full circuit 3 times or until you toss merlot or time is called

The long and winding road (51) back to parking with a little karaoke and lunge walk thrown in for fun

2.5 MOM

LBCs x 20
Flutter x I lost count


Moleskine:  Note to YHC – excessive rain and lack of use creates heavy vegetation = impossible to find the trail.  The Shore and his keen sense of night vision spotted the trail just in time as calls for workout cancellation were beginning.  It is humbling to have 30+ exercise hungry F3ers at your back and not be able to find your way.  Oh well, we made up for it with PULL UPS and lots of them.  YHC does not know why he has a fascination with pulling body weight up and down on inanimate objects, but anticipate pullups in the future wherever there are aboveground objects available. Lats beware!

FNGs included a War Baby (Putty-14) and War Daddy (Sheetrock-56-RESPECT) (who happened to be war baby daddy, well not in a Kanye West kind of way).  The other daddy baby FNG was Pickle-18.  Noted by YHC during COT that nicknames in F3 is like a box of chocolates – you never know what your are gonna get as Pickle made absolutely no sense.  Strong 2nd post by FNG Josh Spence (Jericho) which now brings the number of Providence Ridge Neighborhood (no it is not a retirement home) F3ers to 3 incl YHC and Uncle Leo.

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Uncle Leo
10 years ago

Origin of the nickename Pickle would be baseball. A rundown, informally known as a pickle, is a situation in the game of baseball that occurs when the baserunner is stranded between two bases and is in jeopardy of being tagged out. (from Wikipedia)

We’ve got 4 from Providence Ridge with the out-of-swim-season posts by Sharkbait.

Thanks for a great workout Salt Lick. If you keep Q’ing, maybe one day I’ll be able to do pull-ups!

Stone Cold
Stone Cold
Reply to  Uncle Leo
10 years ago


Uncle Leo
Reply to  Stone Cold
10 years ago

Named in the shadow of Mt Wanna-hock-a-loogie at Outland.

10 years ago

Now that I think about it, I should have shouted ‘Pickles’ instead of ‘Pickle’.

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