Foxhole meets the Musical Tabata

Foxhole meets the Musical Tabata

5:30 am came and 8 strong headed into the gloom with visions of musical Tabata in their heads. When the music stopped, we all had a feeling of “what the h— just happened and why do I have fake grass and black pellets stuck to my head?”  It was a scorcher and this is how it went down…

 The Thang:

 Run to other end of parking lot for COP

– SSH x 30

– Mountain Climbers x 20

– Toe Touches x 20

Rack your bell and run to the far end of the lower lot for 15 min of Musical Tabata (30 sec exercise / 15 sec rest)

– Station 1: 2 hand swings

– Station 2: Clean and Press (switch hands each time)

– Station 3: 1 hand swings (switch hands each time)

– Station 4: Figure 8

– Station 5: Halo

Rest 30 sec then Rinse & Repeat

Rest 30 sec then Rinse & Repeat

(Freeley’s especially liked the 70’s porn music for rest periods during the first set) 

The Tabata was brutal so the PAX took it easy and did some farmer’s carry / catch me if you can out onto the lower field and around once

– Partner 1: both bells farmer’s carry

– Partner 2: merkin-jacks then catch partner

When the QIC and PAX regained some O2, lined up on one side line

– Burpee inch worm ½ field / bear crawl 2nd half (crowd pleaser)

– Crab walk ½ field / Mosey back to start 

Spread out for Turkish Get-Ups

– 5 get ups on right w/ KB

– 5 get ups on left w/ KB

(5 looks easy on paper but this was intense – Champagne was wishing he chose the smaller bell for this part)

Partner up for 10 more minutes of Musical Pain (45 sec of music – 10 sec switch)

– Partner 1: 2 KB racked squats, Partner 2: run around circle (MT complained of dizziness)

– Flapjack

– Partner 1: 2 KB calf raises toes in, reg, out, Parther 2: run other way around circle (to straighten MT back out)

– Flapjack

– Partner 1: 2 KB shoulder shrugs, Partner 2: karaoke back and forth next to circle

– Flapjack

– Partner 1: 2 KB merkin / dip, Partner 2: side shuffle back and forth next to circle

– Flapjack 

Run back to cars for COT

The Naked Moleskin:

– It was a strong group of guys out there today.  The Worm was fighting past the war wounds of last Wednesday’s Maul, and Champagne is coming back from a calf injury.  You wouldn’t know it if you saw the effort out there today though.  #StrongSOB

– YHC got the general impression that the musical Tabata was well received.  Even though Freeley’s did not enjoy some of the music selections, he seemed to really relate to the 80’s soft rock rest music.  #MoreNextTime

– This was a non-stop beatdown from start to finish and if you are like YHC, you are going to be enjoying that tingle of muscle exhaustion all day.  Don’t worry, you can thank me later.  See you in the gloom!


– In the COT, there are starting to be murmurings of the SOB joining the next GORUCK class.  There are GORUCK workouts starting on Friday 8/9 at Carmel Middle School.

– Champagne and Purple Haze are starting a 3rd F workout at Panera Carmel Village 6:30am starting Friday Sept 6 after Centurion. 

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10 years ago

Great work down there guys… I hope to join you soon to experience the Foxhole.

Big League Chew
10 years ago

Strong stuff there Honey Bee. Make room for me in the Foxhole. I hope to join the fun at least every once and awhile soon.

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