Big League “Q”

Big League “Q”

9 Brave souls rose up out of the fartsack on Saturday morning to submit some DownPainment in the Outland only to get SCHMACKED in the mouth by their opening “Q” Big League Chew.  BLC had been planning this beatdown for a solid week and did not disappoint!


Mosey to the back parking lot of the middle school for some COP….


IW X25

Flutter X25

Dollie X25

Merkin X15

Parker Peter X20

Peter Parker X20

– Mosey – wait STOP – look at all this beautiful pavement with lines……

– Line up Shoulder to Shoulder and SUICIDE LADDERS (11s) in the parking lot:

Run the length of 2 parking spaces 10 burpees, sprint back and perform 1 side lunge.

Run the length of 4 parking spaces 9 burpees, sprint back and perform 2 side lunges.

6 parking spaces, 8 burpees, 3 side lunges etc… etc… until you reach the 20th parking space line and back equaling 1 burpee at the far end and 10 side lunges…

– Mosey to the benches for 10 jump ups & 20 dips X3

Q change and in comes “Z”

– Mosey back to the front of the school and duck into the covered lounge area and grab some rail…

Supine Pull-Ups Ladder style in cadence: X10, X8, X6, X4, X10!!!

Ditch the school and lets hit the fields looking for some nice turf.

As we searched, we not only found some really nice real estate to settle into but we also found Jack Webb!!!

– Jack Webb: 1 pushup / 4 air presses (aka jazz hands) all the way up to 10 / 40

Mosey 1/4 mile over to the High School because the field is open…

Rail Work

– Rail Slides (aka Plank Walks) Right around all 3 turns of the turnstyle.

– Once out hit the stadium stairs and run the bleachers to the top and back for 30 dips

– Rail Slides Left around all 3 turns of the turnstyle

– Run the Bleachers and back, plank and wait for the PAX…

– Joe Hendricks #2 (basically backwards bearcrawl) up the stairs (approx 10-15) and sprint back to the bottom of the hill where the VF flies and plank it up….

– On your bellies and an all out jail break to the flag for some Mary….


Great turnout yet again down in the UC.  Much thanks to Udder and Grafitti coming down from Metro and EH’ing Hardwood and Electric Slide….  ES my man, hope you have some thick skin because haven’t seen nothing yet my brother and it only gets better.  Hardwood, well enough said my man — keep bringing it.  It was great to have you guys out there.  Hopefully the 2 of you can make for the full hour next time and not have to pull up right next to COP.  #alittlecarbonmonoxideneverhurtanyone

And seroiusly Grafitti, run 9 miles before you even post and get picked up on the side of the road????  #prefontainelike

There was plenty of chatter prior to launch and during COP but it was quickly silenced by BLC during when he followed it up quickly with suicide ladders.  Brother, that was brutal and I wasn’t the only one waiting for the audible that never came.  Fish Taco was out there flying though without issue as was Swiss Miss.  Although, SM couldn’t catch the Fish all day long as FT kept asking for more.  Not sure if SM brought something back from Swamp Rabbit that didn’t agree with him.  Either way, awesome job out there you two #STRONG!  I’m going to build a rivalry here yet even if Cotton Tail bailed.

Country Living, great to see you back and doing all the heavy lifting for the boys.  Way to push everyone during the supine pullups after everyone else’s arms were rubbery jello and ready to quit.  #justanotherdayofbailinhay

Special thanks to BLC for stepping up and leading us this morning.  Keep coming guys, I promise it won’t get easier AYE!!!  We’re growing in the short amount of time that we’ve been in operation and the word is spreading.

Until next time —

“Z” – out!!!!





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Big League Chew
10 years ago

Thanks for the opportunity to Q. I hope to do it some more. I will miss Outland this Sat. but will be back next.

Schedule C
10 years ago

Seems I’ve EH’d a college buddy to post this Saturday at Outland (8/3). I’ll be posting along with him. BLC, sorry you won’t be there. Good meeting you during GRL 046. Hopefully we’ll post together soon.


10 years ago

Correction. We did decline Merkin walks on the benches. My shoulders remember them fondly.

– Mosey to the benches for 10 jump ups & 20 dips X3

Killer workout. Look forward to catching outlands every now and again to make sure ES and hardwood are making it out of the fartsack.

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