Forty emails later, the Seven meet.  One more came to listen to Brittany, but he joins. They run.

Eight plus eleven.  Silent.  Up, up, up.  The thirsty pavement drinks our DNA, drop by drop.

Eight depart.  Choppers in the distance?  No–loose bowels.


 Mass Confusion:  It had all the appearances of a good idea:  Anvil would run over for a fly-by at DV, bid a teary farewell to Psycho T, then run back.  But the Bonus Run from DV to Anvil at 0515 muddied the waters.  Then the ruck guys and the emails.  Offline texts.  It was 10 monkeys and a football, I tell you, so we stayed put after all (and a couple dozen emails).  Godspeed, Psycho T.

Poaching:  Despite the disarray, seven men met for the early run from DV over to Anvil.  Poor Zip.  All he wanted to do was get to DV early (which was late by his standards–why does he get there so early anyway?), jam out to Brittany on the iPod and try to feel young again, if only for those few minutes.  Before he knew what happened, he was running to Anvil.  What we discovered was parking at the entrance end of DV is a great way to scrape pax off to Anvil.  Could have hijacked three FNG (ish) pax, too, had we been heartless bastages–but we weren’t.  Zip went willingly, if begrudgingly.

Smoke Boots:  the pre-blast had promised smoke boots, but I had since changed the plan.  No fly-by.  So we moseyed down the hill to the shopping center of $5 cups of coffee and $3 free range bananas.  Then we fast-moseyed up the hill, pausing to sniff the sidewalk, 10 bursts at a time, every 30 strides or so (read: when I got tired).  That left us at the base of Entrance 4 with only 35 minutes left to squeeze in some hill work.  Lively up yourselves, men.  Up we go.

Ad Nauseum:  Hill and more hill.  Forwards, backwards, sideways.  Sprints, lunges, bear crawls, walking planks.  I think everyone really enjoyed themselves here–I heard no complaints.  In fact, I didn’t hear any chatter at all.  We two-stepped with one-legged Mary, but only briefly, then collapsed on the pavement for COT.

Superlatives:  Outstanding work by many.  Crabcake, the pax who wears his shirt sleeves on his calves, dominated the hill work on the outbound lane.  Spackler, after trying the old “entertaining clients tonight” line on twitter the night before, still led the way on the inbound lane.  Haze was right there with him.  Some new faces, to me, at least were tearing up as well:  Hannibal (two more and we have the A-Team covered), a sprightly–and punctual–Matlock, to name a few.  Donkey Kong has been in beast mode ever since he dropped the workout khakis about a year ago.  Unstoppable.

The Long Ride Home:  In a show of Pax solidarity, we could have run as a unit back to DV,  Could have.  Bug would have none of it.  The #HappyNebraskan passed us at Davie and never looked back.  Strong work after a tough workout.  There were reports that Radar was felling a bit “rumbly in the tummy” and had to make a pit stop.  He left with two socks and came back with one…  All in all 5.4 miles for the 8 who did the bonus work.  Right around 3 for the rest.

 Coda….:  Got to see Psycho T in the parking lot after all.  Godspeed in Denver, my friend.


  • The Shore, 49er, and Far Side and the only three A51 Pax riding on the F3 24HOB team.  They’ve done exactly what you and I would have done and waited until the 11th hour to try to separate you from your cash.  Come out to HDHH at The Lodge tonight (Rea and Colony) and enable their slacktitude by giving early and often.
  • Strange Brew and High Tide and launching another moderate intensity workout,Ascent.  The launch will be this Saturday at The Rock (Calvary, 0700-0800) and migrating to another site at a later date.  Headlock your FNGs and get them out there.
  • Get on Twitter now if you aren’t already and follow @F3Area51. The weekly email will go away one day…this isn’t Mayberry anymore.  Going twitterless can have serious consequences, as we saw last week: 4 pax almost missed a last minute HDHH change via Twitter.  I know.  Not pretty.  Get on it.


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10 years ago

TR, you may be the best BackBlast writer south of Fairview.
I’m so glad that I was the promoter for Psycho T’s Farewell Tour. Thus, I didnt have to come to Anvil this morning. Or read all those emails & tweets…….

10 years ago

I had both socks at the end. However it was a long run back with lots of me talking myself out of things. I barely got my truck in park when I got home. If I had moved that fast on the run back bug eater wouldn’t even be mentioned above. Must get up earlier. Must not stay up late texting and emailing all night with a bunch of grown men about where the party will be. Nice lead.
Note: Running up a hill backwards is not natural and should be disbanded from F3 workouts. Bear crawls too

10 years ago

I’d love to comment on this workout, but seeing as it killed me you’ll just have to go on without me.

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