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You are only as fast as your slowest man

6 men endured the suck

No Warm Up

The Thang

Indian Run to Starbucks and cross over Rae Rd.

Quick Set

25 hand slap merkins

25 Diamonds

25 Regular

25 Wide

Run at your own pace to 51 if you finish first cycle back to the 6

Same Quick set again

Indian Run down Rae towards Colony

Stop 3/4 way down and do quick set of

Dry Docks and Squats 50 each

At your own pace back to 51

quick set of something (I think)

At your own pace back to school via 51 with designated Merkin stops along the way

I think there was some Mary done


Well, the captioned title says it all. And guess what. I was last. Bad day when your Q is last. Especially when he has to walk some. “Just get to that next mailbox”. Anyways, the hills did not disappoint. I think everyone was hurting. Well except TL. We all cant weigh 90lbs…. I found my pain cave at the turn around and the hill back up to 51 really hurt. TL, Butter, DA grinded it out. Me, Bounce, and Spackler watched them do it from way way back. Total of 5ish miles. Good work by all. Well, not me really.





35 including 4 FNGS showed up and did work

The Thang

  • Little mosey around the way.
  • Circle Up
  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Mountain Climbers


  • Mosey over to entrance sign and partner up in 3s
  • Hair Burners and Sand Bags all the way around the church campus. 5 pain stations along the way.
  • P1 starts pushing plates while P2 and P3 run down and do a designated sand bag work out. When they hit the number P2 and P3 run back to the plates and one of them takes over. The other two run back to the pain statin and do the reps again. This goes on until the plate gets to the pain station
  • Pains Stations
  • 25 over head press
  • 25 rows
  • 25 alternating shoulder press with squat
  • 25 Carolina dry docks
  • 25 merkins
  • 100 team merkins
  • Repeato

Head over to the hill 11s. Burpees at the top merkins at the bottom

  • Jail Break to the flag pole


  • 25 LBC
  • 20 Parker Peters


this was a workout I did back in 2013. With 35 it was a bit of a cluster. Usual suspects ran their mouths at first but quieted down soon enough. I didn’t take names because there were 35 of them and it would have taken me all morning to play and rewind the recording. You know if you were there. I did manage to get the FNGs. Welcome Chunk, Steph, Guythigh, Cornhole, and Tater. No announcements.

You Can’t Please Everyone

17 (ish) men showed up to Anvil to what is believed by all to be a first time event.

The Thang

Mosey around the lot and circle up

50- SSH

25- Imperial Walkers


Mosey to the Pavilion for a little leg work.

50- Single Leg Squat – Right leg

50- Single Leg Squat – Left leg

30 Single Step ups with calf raise- Right leg

30 Single Step ups with calf raise- left leg

50 bench squats

50- Single Leg Squat – Right leg

50- Single Leg Squat – Left leg


Mosey back to the parking lot. 20 yard partner drag (switch  out)

Grab a lifting rock and mosey a little closer to side entrance off Rae

Partners separate and make 2 lines for a competition relay.

-The first person in the lines race down the road and down the hill and back to the group like a relay- Aprox 75 yards

-While the group waits for the runner to get back they alternate between 50 upright rows/50 overhead press/50 merkins

– Everyone runs at some point. Losing team 30 burpees winning team gets 15


Mosey over to the hill-

Partner up-

Both partners run up and down the hill and then do 25 hand slap merkins.



Drop off the rocks and then an AYG back to the cars.

Circle up for some PAX called Mary


Heels to Heaven


Freddie Mercury



The day started off well enough. Good number of Pax, the rain was light, temperature was pleasant. I don’t know, it just felt good. Well, at least I thought it did. There was a little chatter during the leg routine. Expected. No one likes to do legs. I get it. I don’t either. But we are only as strong as the legs we stand on so you got to work them once in a while right? When we finished the COP and the leg work we were probably about 18 minutes into the work out. I call partner drags and one of the PAX is like “I am out”. Throws a deuce in the air and takes off running. He just left. No good bye, nothing. I think we were all a little confused. It was like leaving the theatre when that little animated thing is telling you no cell phones or babies crying. So, it is with great disappointment that I announce, that (I believe) I am the first Q  to have someone leave mid workout when there wasn’t an emergency. Now, I want to be clear this individual was not hurting and is in good shape from what I can tell. I can tell who was/is hurting though. Me. But, I am just going bury that hurt down real deep and never ever speak of it again. I may need to bump up my weekly visits with Frasier though.


In other news. Run Stopper announced at COT that he is having problems in the bedroom. Soo….. it could be worse I guess. Great work by all.



Sign Up for Church on the Street

Possible Convergence Next week. Stay tuned

RunStopper is looking for volunteers for a charity wrestling tournament. Sign up here!/showSignUp/10c0b45abae23a57-holy2



You know who you are……………….Purple Haze


5 men decided to skip the mud run and take on the Day Zero Challenge. We  did a partner version and it still wasn’t any better.

The Challenge:

  • Burpees – 100
  • Calf Raises – 150 (50 regular, 50 toes pointed in, 50 toes pointed out)
  • Ski Abs – 100
  • Merkins – 100 (25 wide, 25 regular, 25 narrow, 25 diamond)
  • Deep Squats – 100
  • LBCs – 200
  • Carolina Dry Docks – 100
  • Knee Tucks – 100
  • Russian Twists – 100
  • Nipplers – 100
  • Jump Squats – 100
  • Mountain Climbers – 100
  • Shoulder Raises – 200
  • Sister Mary Catherines – 100
  • Dollies – 200
  • Hindu Merkins – 100
  • Squat Jacks – 100
  • Groiners – 100
  • Burpees – 100
  • Burpees – 200


Purple Haze is a liar



21 movers and shakers put in work at Death Valley.

The Thang

  • Mosey a little and circle up
  • 25 SSH
  • 25 Mountain Climbers
  • Line up (2 lines) for some indian runs to Rosecliff Hill
  • 7s- Burpees at the top Jump Squats at the bottom
  • Indian Runs back to the school
  • partner up, grab a sand bag (1 per partners) and head down to the track
  • Partner 1 Runs with the bag one direction around the track and P2 the other way. Meet up and do called exercises. Switch bag and run around the track again to the starting point and do the called exercises again.
  • Called Exercises
    • 50 Overhead press with sandbag and 50 CCDs
    • 25 Squats with bag and 25 Knee Tucks
    • 25 Hand Slap Merkins
    • 10 Louganis with sand bags
  • Run the bags back up to the start

Moleskin and random thoughts

Strong group out there today. Usual comments at the beginning about me being an angry, serious, unpleasant Q. I just don’t like groups of people. I am better one on one. We were moving pretty good from the start. Swiper and Kirk crushed the 7s. Then Swiper ruined the indian run back thinking “stretch it out” meant jail break. Plenty of Larry Birds out there and a couple of refusniks. The sand bags always bring out the best and worst in the pax. Freedom and Fireman Ed spent their time on the track chewing through one of my bags in an effort to let sand out. Fletch is always a good partner and I claimed him early on in the work out. He carried us and the bag. A lot. Last night Bulldog sent me a  text about how excited he was to come to one of my Qs. He was a no show. Typical. British people.  Semi Gloss asked a few of us earlier in the week if anyone could Q. I immediately stepped up to help out my fellow man. I asked him a short time later if he could do Church on The Street this Sunday. He said no. Seems fair. Thanks for letting me lead. As far as groups of people go you guys were all right.



20 minute description of Southern Discomfort delivered by Semi Gloss

Shameless plug by Swiper for new work out (Sofa Wib)

Pax needed for Church on the Street this Sunday



You Get What You Pay For

5 men decided to avoid old men in jock straps and put in real work.


The Thang

Mosey around the track and circle up on the back side.


Imperial Walkers

1 minute to stretch on your own.

We ran across 51 through the apartments into a very nice hidden neighborhood.

We did indian runs the entire time on our route. Close to three miles

Few stops along the way where we did…

Stop1- 10 partner slap merkins straight into 10 CDDs. Reapeato x5

Stop2- 10 partner slap merkins straight into 10 CDDs. Reapeato x4

Stop3- 10 partner slap merkins straight into 10 CDDs. Reapeato x2

Stop 4- Hill work with partner.P1 partner drags P2 halfway up the hill then switches to pushing p2 as a human sled. Sprint back down. Flap Jack

Stop 5- 100 curls with stone

Stop 6 Hill off of Bevington- 10 squats at the bottom, backwards run up, 10 squat jumps at the top. Repeato x 3

Stop 7- Mary

Stop 8- Hill by the school. AYG.

Stop 9- Mary

Good group. Lot of sweat. Good to see Philmont out and welcome back Bare Naked.


End of Back Blast

You get what you pay for Prohibiton



The Beastly Camel

7 Pax took on the beast at Dromedary.

The Thang

  • Mosey over to the side lot and circle up
  • 50 SSH
  • 25 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • Indian Run around the lot back to the Cars
  • The Beast is called. Well a modified beast
    • Run the length of the lot and stop at each cone. There are 6 of them
    • Do Called Exercise at each gone. There are 6 rounds. Out and back is one round
    • The modification was at each gone we did 6 reps of 3 different exercises
  • Round 1– 6 Diamond Merkins, 6 Regular Merkins, 6 Wide Merkins
  • Round 2– 6 Sister Mary Catherines, 6 Deep Squats, 6 squat jumps-
  • Round 3– Bear Crawl to each cone. 12 CCDs, When we turned around we just ran the cones and did 6 CCDs, 6CCDs, 6CCDs.
  • Intermission- AYG to the end and back
  • Round 4- 6 Hand Release Merkins, 6 Merkin Jacks, 6 Walking Merkins
  • Round 5- 6 Toes Out Calf Raises, 6 Toes Neutral, 6 Toes In. We ran the course backwards on this one
  • Round 6- 6 Burpees each cone


The scientific name of the dromedary is Camelus dromedarius, which could be based on the Greek δρομὰς κάμηλος (dromas kamelos), meaning ‘running camel.

We did some running today. However, the running was probably the best part of it. Lots of Larry Birds out there. They are fast out here in Waxhaw. Ice 9 tried to mess up YHCs cadence count during COP but I wasn’t to be waivered. I think in the process of trying to confuse me he ended up just confusing himself. Thanks to Brat for keeping the count pure. Once the beast started it quieted down with the exception of moans and growls. Pretty sure Dasher gave birth out there. Thanks for letting me lead.



Golf and New 3rd F in Ballantine of Tuesdays





Clever titles are really hard to come up with

7 Men stood tall in the Marvin Ridge winds

The Thang

Mosey around the lot
circle up
50 SSH in cadence
25 mountain climbers in cadence
15 merkins in cadence into 6 inches
10 merkin burst

Mosey over to Sand Bags.
Catch me if you can (p1 runs with bag and p2 10 merkins)
Catch me if you can (p1 Runs with bag and p2 10 CDDs)
10 hand slap merkins chased by 10 CDDs
Repeato x 5

Mosey back to sandbags at the bottom of the hill
P1- overhead press with the bags
P2- run up the hill and back down
Flap jack

P1- Alternating shoulder press with squats
P2- run up the hill, do 10 CDDs, run back down

Flap Jack

P1- Straight arm Shoulder extension with the sandbag

P2- run up the hill, do 10 CDDs, run back down

Flap Jack

P1- Run up the hill with the sand bag and do 10 up right rows into overhead presses and run back down

P2- 10 merkins into 10 knee tucks until partner gets back.

Flap Jack

Mosey down to the football fields

Line up in the end zone

AYG to the 50

10 hand slap merkins into 10 CDDs


10 yard wheel barrel walks

Flap Jack

Bear Crawl to the end zone

10 yard wheel barrel walks into 10 decline merkins

Flap Jack

Mosey over to the bleachers.

p1- runs up the steps

P2- does step ups

Flap Jack

Repeato, Repeato, Repeato,

Mosey back to the cars and circle up for Mary

Freddie Mercury in cadence (fast and slow)

10 Peter Parker Straight into 10 parker peters straight into 10 merkins X 3 rotations

Good group out there today. I met a few new guys and saw some that I see every day. This was only my second time to Marvin Ridge. It is windy, and one of their parking lots is bigger than most AOs. Apparently the lower football fields have never been unlocked so with a little nudge from bananas we made our way down there to check it out. Bratwurst probably missed his only chance to get down there. Bad things happen when site Qs don’t show up. Thanks for letting me lead

Clean Living

The Thang

Teddy’s Q

Jog around fields and circle up:

SSH 25x

Imperial Walker 10x

Slow squat 10x

Merkin 10x

Carolina Dry Dock 10x

Mountain Climber 10x


Strength Training

Mosey over to front of school

Burpees 10x

Merkins 10x

Dips 10x

Derkins 10x

Plank Han-ups on curb 10x

Jog around parking lot

Repeat 2 more times


Mosey to back of the school

Burpees 10x

Curls with rock 20x

Shoulder Raises 20x

Tricep Extension 20x

Plank with leg ups 10x

Repeat 2 more times


Mosey to basketball court and partner up

Wheelbarrow length of court.  Both partners move to playground for hanging knee up’s 10x.  Rotate partner wheelbarrow back to other end of court


Repeat with lunges and duck walk back.


 Radar Q

Mosey over to the rose

Sand bag runs around the block 20 Merkins each corner

Suicides with out bags

50 Carolina dry docs

Suicides with bags

50 overhead press

All you got 50 yards

30 curls

All you got 50 yards

30 tricep extenstions

Mosey bag to the school with bags and circle up

1 person runs with the bag 20 yards and back and switches out with the next guy. every else does excersise until the full circle is complete


Merkins, Curls, Peter parkers


6 Strong hit the pavement at Area 51s finest AO. This is the only site that can be the focus of a clean up day and by the time you get back to your car it is covered in trash again. Seriously, is there any other site that would have a pile of toe nail clippings under your nose as you do merkins. Most likely not. I am not sure an office building is suited to be placed here. I am thinking more of something like a low security prison or farm animal zoo. Make sure you vote on the proposed zoning coming up. Lets keep this AO the way it is. The men seemed sluggish and under the weather today. Me, with my full bodied poison ivy peel and Hairballs Bells Two Hearted Flu made for a rough morning. When I say sluggish  I mean by our standards. We still kept it way superior to our little baby sister work out down the road. I wander if anyone showed there today. I heard discussion of bussing people in from Greenville. #backwardleap. Teddy’s q is somewhat Mermaid esc. Quite, Polite and Painful. Nice work. No one likes the sand bags. I don’t like them. But I would not run from them. Like Prohibition did. He said he had to leave early because his bottom was wet. I don’t buy it. I think he didn’t want to have to handle my bags. Thanks for letting us lead.




Oh. You are going to do those Burpees

26 Strong today for Kevlar


Mosey down and around church lot and line up on hill 

Warm up

Run in place 1 min

SSH 1 min

High knees 1 min 

The Thang

Knee Tucks 1min

8merkins/8mountain climbers/hill 1min

High knees with lunge intervals 1min

Squat jacks 1min

Ski abs 1min

Butt Kicks 1 min

5 Spartan burpees/ Hill 1min

Merkin Jacks 1min 

Repeat x4ish 

Jail Break back to Flag

20 burpees



I thought we would try something a little different today. The idea was to not stop once we started. We transitioned to each work out with out a break and that was accomplished for the most part. Some of the exercises got pretty ugly though. As Cotton Tail stated it was one of those work outs that you would get out of it what you put into it. Usual suspects for the mumble chatter mutiny. Wouldn’t be Kevlar without it. I challenged the PAX that I would do 20 burpees for everyone that I stopped before. I ended up doing 20. It probably should have been more. Half of the PAX did burpees with me while the other half did Mary. As I ran to get my phone I heard Stopper demanding that the PAX that didn’t do the burpees get up and do them. They did. Thanks for letting me lead.



Q school


Day Zero Challenge