Is that a rock in your pocket?

Is that a rock in your pocket?

30 eager individuals woke from their slumber to endure some Kevlar pain.


Mosey to street and turn into fire lane (avoid Marvel squealing in.)
Bear crawl down fire lane with 5 merkins sprinkled in at Q’s call.
Stop by creek and grab a rock.
Lunge walk with rock.
Mosey to lot.
SSH x 25
Burpees until MallCop arrives back with rock.
IW x 20
Rock squats x 20
Rock curls and presses x 20
Stagger rock merkins R x 8
Stagger rock merkins L x 8
Diamond rock merkins x 10
MC on rock x 20
Rock hoppers x 15
Single R leg rock merkins x 8
Single L leg rock merkins x 8
Partner up
Partner 1 – rock squats, Partner 2 – sprints and flap jack
Partner 1 – stagger merkins, Partner 2 – sprints and flap jack
Partner 1 – Romanian rock twists, Partner 2 – sprints and flap jack
Partner 1 – rock lunges with a twist, Partner 2 – sprints and flap jacks
Partner 1 – rock curl and press, Partner 2 – sprints and flap jacks
Mosey to creek and return rock
Soccer field and both groups split. Partner at opposite goals.
Shot made with Dora ball opposing team does 10 burpees.
Shot missed shooting team does 10 merkins.
Jack Webb to 10 with LBC’S.


Strong showing again for a Friday morning. There was some additional work added in today because of the tardiness of a couple of latecomers. First off Marvel was the cause of a bear crawl merkin combo as we looped back around waiting for him to join. Next up was Mall Cop making the fatal mistake of joining the circle of pain without a rock in hand after nearly mowing the pax down on his segway. Strange Brew (in true Go Ruck spirit) ran with his buddy to show him the stones as the pax groaned through burpees until they returned. MallCop ran surprisingly well with his rock from afar but as he got closer we realized he had a rock the size he could have put in his pocket.
The rock work and the sprints had the fellas breathing heavy. Good Hands and Geraldo were flying this morning and certainly not sandbagging like Brown on the rock squats. Speaking of sandbaggers, Fletch and Spackler somehow ended up together even though the call was to partner with someone of a different fitness level…
After dumping the rocks we headed over for some soccer fun with the Dora soccer ball. The light ball added some additional swerve which did not help Turkey Leg in the least. Bananas came up short (like his putting) and Yo Yo Ma and Brown showed their cornhole-esque accuracy by sticking it in the old onion bag.
Jack Brown made the last call with a merkin and LBC combination which was a tough one to get through. I think only Countertop and Fletch took on the Q’s challenge to go with diamond merkins from 5 on up so nice one lads.
Hats off to FNG Bishop B (now named Big Ben) for a second post of the week and great work by all this morning. Hope you enjoyed it.


Saturday workouts as scheduled.
Sign up for F3 Dads camp.
New Compass book for 3rd F is “Resolution for Men” and here is a preview of the book:

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Mall Cop
10 years ago

Aye! Nice call out this morning Bulldog and Zipadee. That’s what you get for flying in on your segway a couple minutes late and not getting the initial instructions. When I heard you call out burpees until Mall Cop gets back with his rock I knew the Pax were dog cussing me. So when Strange Brew showed me where the rock bed was I just quickly grabbed the first rock I got to and started sprinting back with it! Halfway back to the pax though I realized this was one of those rocks that I typically razz other guys for grabbing and knew I was in for a hazing. Let the record show though that I offered to switch rocks with any pax so inclined and nobody took me up on it. Thanks again for keeping it real. Great workout today as usual Bulldog!

Strange Brew
10 years ago

I sure hope you and your partner used your partner’s rock. Who would have known that helping someone out would avoid burpees? #myluckyday Great workout Bulldog as always, love the rock work.

10 years ago

I was one of the quiet ones. Semi-g was out. Great work out Q, good stuff. Turkey leg and I both got too large of rocks. Bad decisions but worth every minute.

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