Where is Mighty Mite?

Where is Mighty Mite?

15 pax gathered for some early morning shopping at The Maul.

The Thang:

Mosey in front of the movie theater for COP

SSH X 30

Merkins X 15

Mountain Climbers X 25

IW X 25

Mosey to the loading docks behind HT and Target.

Partner up for partner drags between the speed bumps ~ 30 yards.

Flap jack at each speed bump.  Each partner carries for three ~30 yd lengths, totalling about 100 yards of partner drag.

Plank o rama

Circle up for Wack Jebb (Lower body Jack Webbs)

1 Squat, 4 knee up jumps.  2 squats, 8 knee up jumps……up to 5 squats.

Jacob Ladder up the hill next to Target.  Run up hill, 1 burpee.  Run down, run back, up, 2 burpees. ….up to 7 burpees.

Circle Up for Mary

LBCs X 25

Heels to heaven X 20

Rosalita X 25

Dolly X 25

Protractor(Wingman lead) for 1 min

Mosey back to the loading docks and find your partner again

Wheel barrow between speed bumps, flapjack to the next speed bump.

Bear crawl to next speed bump.  Crab walk to the following speed bump.

Forward lunge walk to the next speed bump.

Backward lunge walk to the last speed bump.

Mosey behind the movie theater and settle into the People’s Chair.

Wall walk for 20 yards along the back wall of the movie theater.  People’s Chair on the other side.

Mosey back to the starting point.

Run up the hill.  10 burpees.  Run down the hill.



YHC forgot his phone and had to race back home to get it.  When he pulled into the parking lot at 5:29 he saw the pax running to their first COP in front of the movie theater.  Before they had a chance to do a SSH, YHC made his first appearance much to the chagrin of many of the pax.  T-claps to Uncle Leo for taking the initiative to do an emergency Q.

During our work on the speed bumps, there seemed to be more trucks on the loading docks than usual.  We seem to be making friends with several of the truck drivers.  Hopefully we can convince some of them to come out to the gloom on their day off.

Wack Jebb is a lot meaner than his brother Jack Webb.  YHC could barely breathe and count after the 5th round.

There are lots of steep hills behind the loading dock.  Be prepared for something diabolical the next time I Q the Maul.


HDHH:  Tonight at 6 at two locations.  Vintner’s Wine Market in the Arboretum or Good Bottle Co, in Southend.  The Good Bottle Co. is a HDHH convergence to raise funds for F3’s 24 Hours of Booty team.

Go to Day Zero at McAlpine Elementary on Saturday for the start of the challenge.  Radar and Purple Haze have cooked up an impossible workout where you can find your limit and work to blow past it 8 weeks from now.

Bring a kettlebell to Monday’s newest workout, Foxhole, at Elon Park Elementary.  If you don’t have a kettlebell, there are great deals on Amazon.  YHC ordered one last Monday night and it was delivered on Thursday.  If you don’t have a kettlebell and want to borrow one for a week or two, sound off on twitter before Monday and there will be several pax that are willing to help.

YHC and Mic Check will be dual Qs at The Maul next week.

If you are a regular at The Maul and would like a shot at Qing, sound off to either Mic Check or YHC.

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Purple Haze
10 years ago

Mighty Mite…thanks for the Day Zero Challenge shout out. A correction to it though…it will take place once about every 8 weeks (rather than the next 8 weeks), with the 1st installment beginning this weekend. In between will be the normal brutal beatdowns.

Market Timer
Market Timer
10 years ago

Total fail on our part for not attempting to headlock the Yuengling driver, or at least attempt to ‘tractor pull’ the truck for 30 yds.

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