Hey! The Grass is Drier over Here

Hey! The Grass is Drier over Here


23 members of the Nation walked away from the poisonous bite from the venomous reptile better, known as Cottonmouth, doing his inaugural Q.

The fields were nice and wet – the way they should be- for such a beatdown as we received.

The Thang
Cottonmouth Q

Count of into groups 1 & 2 for Indian Run to Front Field,
IW x25
SSH x31
Merkin x25
Mason Twists x10
Air Squat x10 5sec down 5 sec up in cadence
20sec hold squat with a few groans signifying a #crowdpleaser and will be enjoyed soon again bc YHC loved these too.

Two lines Indian Run to soccer fields
Short loop around field to hill

At bottom of Little Hill:
-P1 planks
-P2 places P1’s ankles in hands on shoulders and squats/military press x5
-Wheelbarrow to top
-Bearcrawl down
Repeato x4 yet Q allowed 3 and planking if needed.

Mosey to sand box for softer “landing” on next exercises
Partner-up on line
Knee Highs alternating legs x20
Flapjack x3
Tuck Jump x20
Flapjack x3

Left and right leg/arm high x3

Mosey to picnic pavilion
Partner 1-Decline Merkins x10 AND Dips x20
Partner 2-ßä#š! To The Wall Hold until Partner 1 finishes.
Flapjack X3

Skywalker Q

Short Mosey from Pavilion to soccer fields for 3 MOM
Dolly x 32
LBC x 21
Mosey to Parking Lot for some Skywalker Uphill Sprints

Sprint to 1st light post (approx 50 yds) for 5 Burpees, Sprint back to Finish
Sprint to 2nd light post (approx. 100 yds) for 10 Burpees, Sprint back to Finish
Rinse & Repeato with Lunges: 15 & 20 respectively
Rinse & Repeato with Merkins: 10 & 20 respectively

Mosey to bottom of North Face

Jacobs Ladder with 7 Burpees at top working down to 1. However, YHC called an audible and we stopped after the 5 Burpee round

Mosey to field above North Face for some more pain
All in Cadence
Merkins x 10
Freddy Mercury x12
Rosalita x 21 (in espanol)
Merkins x 11

Run back to Shovel flag for COT

Observations by Cottonmouth:
In the beginning of the Indian run, a comment of “slowdown” made YHC realize how much fun this could be for all men involved (especially for Iceman, our 11 yo FNG who decided to, without effort, sprint within our line). Must have loved Skywalker’s sprints to follow later.

After running around, apparently aimlessly, we devised a strategy of moving masses, in wheelbarrows, up our (yet to be named) Small Hill soon after to face an unexpected challenge when being chased by Bears. The unassuming Pax knew nothing of this teaser to Skywalkers NorthFace #beatdown to come but clearly was up for the task and, for some, eager to try something new.

Following our contest to see how high each of us could jump, in the sandbox, we decided to relax by leaning against the wall of the pavilion. While one of the Pax commented “the Q’s holding up The Wall backwards”, followed by the explanation that in fact he was doing it the right way because of something about “…his back”, the Q quickly corrected his position without a snappy retort as he was clearly focused on making sure “the wall” didn’t fall on his Pax.

T Claps to all the Pax today for a GREAT performance! Thank you for encouraging YHC for his virgin Q as he promises to deliver future pain when least expected. Huge thanks to Skywalker for his Fellowship and guidance in allowing YHC to co-lead these fine strong men today! #funtimes

Observations by Skywalker:
So the North Face exercise was not well thought out. It’s been several weeks since YHC has had to scale that mountain. Trying to do Jacob’s Ladder after Cottonmouth’s #beatdown and YHC’s sprints turned out to be not a great idea. After the 2nd “sprint” up the hill, YHC was gassed and several of the pax werent able to do more than crawl up the Face. Seeing that we would have to extend the workout by 30 mins for an exercise that normally takes most of us 10 mins, YHC made the very popular call to stop.

As we next circled up on the field above the Face, a pax says, “hey, it’s wet here, let’s move over a little.” WHAT??????? YHC’s response, “That’s why it’s called working out outdoors.” Embrace the wet my brother – that’s part of what makes F3 what it is. Rain, snow, sleet or shine. And clearly this unidentified #complainer hasn’t been to Death Valley after a night of downpours or on the football field at DMZ or Governator.

Great work by all this morning. This was a small crowd for The Rock normally but was a great size for what the Q’s had planned. A special welcome to Ice Man and Volker. Hope to see the two of you out in the gloom again soon. Aye!

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