Fear the Whistle Meets Chestplosion!

Fear the Whistle Meets Chestplosion!

The shovel flag was planted in the middle of the Day Zero Proving Grounds when 24 men and 2.0s set off into the gloom in anticipation of the coming pain. Here’s what we did:

The Thang:

Spackler Q:

Baby jog around the field and to the flag for a little COP:

  • SSH – 25 (cadence)
  • Merkins – 20 (cadence)
  • Squat – 20 (cadence)
  • Circle run – 1 minute

Fear the Whistle – group jog around the track and every time Q blows the whistle, perform stated exercise.

  • 1 whistle – 10 burpees
  • 2 whistles – 15 merkins
  • 3 whistles – 20 LBCs

The whistle was blown a lot.  The Q seemed to favor the 1 whistle call for 10 burpees the most.

At the end of the first 3 laps, a little stop off at the playground for some called out exercises.

  • Lap 1 – 30 dips
  • Lap 2 – 20 CDDs
  • Lap 3 – 20 incline merkins

We ran 4 laps total.  At the end of lap 4, a little circle up at the flag for plank-o-rama.  Hand off to PHaze.

Purple Haze Q – X marks the spot for Chestplosion:

Partner up, size does not matter.  Partner 1 performs called exercise at the flag while Partner 2 runs out to corner of field to complete called exercise.  Flapjack. We hit all four corners. We ran hard.

  • Round 1 – Squats in the middle until partner returns. Corner 1 –  20 decline merkins on wall. Corner 2 – 20 CDDs. Corner 3 –  20 wide-arm merkins. Corner 4 – Bear crawl up hill from bball court then plank on the rails for some rail slides back down to the field.
  • Round 2 – Jump squats in the middle until partner returns (crowd pleaser). Corner 1 – 20 incline merkins on wall. Corner 2 – 10 Mac Tar Gai. Corner 3 – 20 narrow merkins. Corner 4 – 20 supine pullups on rails.

Circle up for Mary

  • But first, 10 diamond merkins OYO
  • Flutters – 50 (cadence), hold it for 10 count
  • Rosalita – 30 (cadence), hold it at 90 degrees, then 45, then 15
  • Groiners – 10 (OYO)


  • Any chatter that existed after COP was quickly squashed during Fear the Whistle.  As stated above, the Q seemed to favor the 1 whistle call for 10 burpees.  Not sure if it was really the desire to do the burpees or if O2 deprivation caused an inability to blow it more than once.  Regardless, the Pax probably did about 60 burpees during the 4 laps.  Add to that the merkins, LBCs and called exercises at the playground and the first 30 minutes seemed to go on forever. #firsthalfpummeling
  • When we started the laps, it seems we ran off a non-English speaking Chinese guy that had shown up earlier this morning to walk some laps around the track.  However, he did lurk in the trees and kept poking his head out to see what we were doing.  We invited him to join…but that seemed to fall on deaf ears. #cultureshock #languagebarrier
  • With The Hoff actually being scheduled to Q this morning but scratching to join Radar for their elitist ruck training, PHaze thought is was appropriate to call for a bunch of chest exercises during the 2nd half.  Needless to say, all the Pax left looking more like our barrel-chested brother and we all wished that our new Area51 shirts were sleeveless. #thepump
  • The call for jump squats during Round 2 was met with some groans.  By the time we were done, the jumps looked more like calf-raises and the runs the corners looked more like the old Chinese-guy’s walk around the track.
  • One unfortunate incident: PHaze left the flag behind in his haste to tweet and fellowship at Starbucks.  Thankfully, Busch saved the day and returned it at coffeeteria.  Got a feeling that PHaze is looking at some serious burpees at tonight’s pig pickin’.


  • Pig Pickin’ tonight – 5 to 9 at OP Elementary.
  • #F3Dads at Camp Thunderbird coming up in August. Check out the website for details.
  • Co-site Qs Radar and PHaze have the Day Zero lead next week.  Stay tuned to Twitter and F3Nation.com for details of what is sure to be a crusher.




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10 years ago

YHC apologizes because he wasn’t able to get out the final exercise following the final lap…20 burpee jacks #eyesbiggerthanstomach Will keep that one in the vault for next time. Enjoyed it fellas! Thanks for letting me help lead.

The Hoff
Reply to  Spackler
10 years ago

That’s one of the most painful routines I’ve read on this site…holy cow guys! Sorry to miss Q this week…Radar and I were busy carrying a 600 lbs telephone pole (with a little help of course from fellow Rucks!
Thanks for the shout out on the back blast however no ill have to get really creative for the ultimate chest routine…coming soon to a Day Zero near you….

Iron Horse
10 years ago

Your gauge of pain is correct – spackler and phaze did us proud. I’m doing Charles Atlas poses in front of the mirror with my new found chest! Pretty good on the running legs as well. A fine effort!

10 years ago

Good stuff Spackler and Purple Haze. I was FNG to DayZero, and you guys did not disappoint. Didn’t see the Asian dude, but a solid, effective EH overcomes culture and language barriers. No excuses! PH’s segment was brutal in that the run to the far corner farthest from the school was a haul….crowd pleaser after dozens of squats or jump squats….loved it! Keep up the good, pain-filled work gentlemen – Aye!

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