Hump Day Beat Down

Hump Day Beat Down

23 dudes stood in a line and worked hard through a series of creative exercises from their exhausted Q. No warm up needed, we just got right to it.


Slow Squats X25

Superman Merkins X25

Jump Tuck X25

MTN Climbers X25


Squat Jack X25

Plank In Outs X25

Lunge Knee Raise X15 each leg

Diamond Merkin X15

Parker Peter X25

Star Jack X20 (crowd/Q pleaser)

Jack Webb up to 8 Merkins

Mac Tar Jai or Plank up downs X25

MOSEY for wall work

Wall Squat for 1 min or more

Bs to the wall with a 10 push up option

Rinse and Repeat X3

MOSEY to the hill

2 groups, Group 1 up the hill and back twice, Group 2 flutter

Flapjack then repeat with Dolly and Mason Twists

Finish it of with an all out sprint to use your last drop of energy


MOLESKIN: It was great to be back at The Maul after a 3 week layoff for YHC.  I saw a lot of new faces and some regulars too.  Thanks to the Pax for being patient and learning some new and some would call creative exercises today.  We didn’t have to go far to get a good leg and shoulder burning workout in.  Freely’s Comet commented that he was glad when we finally got to mosey.

I saw a lot of guys also pushing themselves during our wall work.  Couple of guys accepted the challenge and did wall push ups.

A number of guys showed off their running skills during the hill work and final sprint, including Yeager.  I believe it’s his second post.  Keep showing up brother.

Welcome to FNG Matt Spruce Goose.  He came out of a car with three of his neighbors.  Way to go guys keep EHing your buddies.  Young Mighty Mite is on Q next week so stay away.






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Mighty Mite
11 years ago

I had no idea that you were taking a picture from the top of the mountain. I think I see myself as the grey and white blob doing flutters at the bottom.

On a serious note, great workout today! I was really impressed with the creativity. A lot of exercises that I haven’t done in a while and even some I’ve never done before.

Reply to  Mighty Mite
11 years ago

Joker has some exercises you’ve never done before, too. And, hopefully, no one will ever do again.

Reply to  Tiger-Rag
11 years ago

Aye – I still have nightmares about some of those from the Convergence.

Senator Tressel
11 years ago

Good pain and good to meet you today, Mic Check. I liked the new stuff and am always looking for something to steal and use at the Fort. I’ll see Flacco tomorrow and will him that I met you.

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