Vacations Over and Back to Work!

Vacations Over and Back to Work!

19 faithful from S CLT, Metro and Fort Mill gathered to start the 2nd half of 2013 with some pain.

Warm up run in the parking lot followed by full length parking lot shuffles and kariokes.

Indian Run to Carmel Road Middle parking lot for some COP

COP: SSH x 25, Merkins, LBC, Carolina Dry Docks, Squats, Dolly, Jump Squats and Russian Twist.  After every two excersices we sprinted up the ramp and back to COP.

Partner up for Decline Push ups and Sit ups 10 each x2

Run around to the back of the school for Peoples Chair x2  (feel the burn)

Run down to the track via the swamp.

11’s on the bleachers (Dips and Declines)

Run back to the Carmel Middle parking lot then launched into Bear Crawls.

COP for some Mary(had to move once because of cars, who’s driving at 6:05 am on a Monday)  Fluttler, High Slow flutter, LBC

Indian Run back to the park for some COT

– Leaders-  Contact Skywalker or Hops to get on the Q list for DMZ.  Need folks for August.

– F3 Dads- Go to website and register for the F3/Dads camp in August.  This is going to be fun.  We are going to have full access to the camp including slides, ziplines, climbing walls, archery, canoes, bear wrestling(just checking to see if you are paying attention).  The price includes a/c cabins, activities and food.

-Foundation Fundraiser- Haywood is hosting a fundraiser party the last weekend of the month to raise money for the Foundation.  The party is being held at his home which is on the 24 Hours of Booty loop the night of the ride.  It will be fun and you can yell at the F3 team as they travel around the loop.

– Great group today!  I think what makes this workout special is the mix of regions.  Continue to push to EH from all regions!




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11 years ago

Good Q this morning CR…despite my inability to follow your directions on the ramp runs. The decline merkins in the 2 inches of mud/much were unsavory….loved it! Good bit of shoulder work this morning with CDDs, partner decline merkins, 11’s with decline merkins, bear crawls…only thing missing was Mr. Webb.
T-claps to Jamboree for running 3 miles round trip to get to DMZ; and noticed Spackler and World Tour (among others) who are getting stronger each passing week.

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