Base Camp for the new PAX and Q’s

Base Camp for the new PAX and Q’s

A day for the new Q’s, High Tide and Passport (in that respective order) led the PAX today on a solid workout.  Great first Q’s by both, the usual fun with numbers was had and the PAX left speechless (or was that out of breath, hard to tell, the final call for 10 burpees on your own was the final crowd pleaser no doubt but I don’t want to give to much away) so without further adieu:

The Thang:


(HighTide on Q)

Jog to football field for COP:


(in cadence)

15  Side Straddle Hop

15  Imperial Walker

15  Merkins

15  Prisoner Squats


Jog to baseball fields:


Left field – 20 Prisoner Squats

Center field – 15 Merkins

Right field – 10 Burpees


Rinse & Repeat


Mosey to bleachers


3 sets of declining reps – 15 reps first set, then 12, then 8

Dips on the bleachers

Carolina Dry Docks

Incline Merkins on the railing

Supine Pullups on the railing


(Passport on Q)

Jog to track, walking lunges on the way down the path


Partner up with similar size


Partner 1 – Jog to end of bleachers, jog backward on the return

Partner 2 – LBC’s until partner returns (60 reps total for both partners)



Partner 1 – Karaoke to bleachers, jog backward or karaoke on the return

Partner 2 – CDD to 30



Partners “Human” Sled to bleachers, Flapjack for the return

Partners “Human” Anchor to bleachers, Flapjack for the return


Jog up to top for People’s Chair


6 MoM


Heels to Heaven



Freddie Mercury

 Final call for….wait for it….

10 burpees on your own




Have to say that the PAX were supportive of the new Q’s, carrying on when High Tide lost count and then stopped counting and then got back together with the counting only to then halt (O2 regneration perhaps?).  Great creativity on the sled/anchor combo, YHC’s leg’s were pretty smoked that’s for sure.  Robin Hood looking stronger as the weeks go on, very noticable!  Also serious effort noted on the sled/anchor by Snail Mail, while not fast he undoubtedbly was pushing and pulling with the best of them.  T claps to Runstopper for keeping up with YHC on the backwards run, I’ll get you next time… Glad YHC wasn’t K-9’s partner, yikes that guy can really go on the leg strength exercises.

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10 years ago

Great turnout guys. Human Anchor sounds painful.

Run Stopper
Reply to  Joker
10 years ago

It was NOT fun… firman ed didnt want to let go, so the runstopper wasnt running, he was stopping.

Run Stopper
10 years ago

Aye, Excellent first time Qing by Passport and Hightide! As far as the Backward run, stay tuned for the olympic trials coming to base camp.. LOL

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