Tabata – That is all…mostly.

Tabata – That is all…mostly.

It was a small group that showed up for a Wednesday workout at Anvil, but there was nothing small about the downPAINment they received.  After a brutal Fast Twitch beatdown from Purple Haze on Tuesday, YHC decided to stay away from the running and deliver an upper body beatdown via Tabata. 

The Thang

Little baby jog over to the grassy area beyond the baseball field and pick a rock you wouldn’t be ashamed of (some people apparently have no shame). 


•SSH x 20 (cadence)
•Imperial Walkers x 20 (cadence)
•Merkins x 20 (cadence)
•Squats x 20 (cadence)


4 minutes per exercise = (20 seconds of fun + 10 seconds of rest) x 8 rounds per exercise
•Burpees / mountain climbers
•Bicep Curls / tricep curls
•Goblet squats / Mary Catherines (both with rock)
•Shoulder press / CDD
•Merkins / Diamond merkins
•Heels to heaven / CCVs (left right)
•Staggered push-ups (right/left)

Mosey to the baseball field.  Can’t leave without at least a little bit of running.

Baseball diamond
•Bear crawl to first base – 10 merkins
•High knees to second base – 10 jump ups
•Job backwards to 3rd base – 10 Mtn climbers
•Sprint home
•Sprint to right field foul pole
•Run to left field foul pole
•Sprint to home plate

Naked Moleskin

It was a small group today, but that always allows for some good chatter to be heard by all #2ndF.  It has been a while since YHC has done a Tabata workout, so it was brought back as an effective tool to delivery some upper body pain.  T-claps to Young Love and Crabcake for choosing boulders…I could see the pain on your faces during the shoulder press exercise.  Everyone was soon feeling similar pain as the Tabata entered into the Merkin phase.  A deadly combination of merkins and diamond merkins prompted an “unsavory” call and had the group on their knees, literally.  There was plenty more upper body work to follow that, so by the end of the workout some of the pax were wondering how they would do any of their daily activities that require arm movement.  To cap off the workout we squeezed in some running, not to mention some bear crawl at Purple Haze’s request.   Nice work briscuit for a strong finish on the sprints!


  • July 4th Convergence at South Charlotte Middle (aka Death Valley) – starts at 7am.
  • RSVP for Pig Pickin’ on July 13th
  • New KB workout Foxhole launches July 8th at Elon Park Elementary 0530 – Honey Bee and Market Timer are site Qs
  • New workout in Indian Trail (Outland) starts July 13th on fields between Sun Valley High School and Middle School.  Countertop is site Q.

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Purple Haze
11 years ago

Now that I have had one, I don’t believe I like the taste of the tabata. Quite unsavory. The stretch of shoulder press/CDD, merkins/diamond merkins (brief respite for heels to heaven and CCV) and staggered merkins on the rock was truly brutal. I sought pain and #F3Anvil delivered. It was a fun first outing. Lifting my arms is not even an option today.

Nice Q Baracus! And I apologize for yesterday’s #F3FastTwitch…but you paid me back this morning…with interest.

Never mention doing bear crawls after all that upper body work, even in jest. Baracus, that was a sarcastic “You know what would be great about now? Bear crawls.” Lesson learned.

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