Heat Advisory in Death Valley

Heat Advisory in Death Valley


The gentleman above posted a sub 7 minute mile in Death Valley this week as temperatures reached 129 degrees.  http://ftw.usatoday.com/2013/07/a-guy-in-a-darth-vader-suit-ran-across-death-valley/

Not to be outdone, 23 winners showed up in the Valley for not one but two miles of humidity and PAIN. 


SSH x 20

Imperial Walkers x 20

Merkins x 20  Hold it!

Carolina Dry Docks x 20 Hold it!

Mountain Climbers x 20

shake out your shoulders and mosey to the track…

Partner up, the faster the better.

Partner 1 does exercise while Partner 2 crushes a lap.

1 – Merkins, flapjack

2 – Squats, flapjack

3 – Burpees, flapjack

4 – LBC’s, flapjack

5 – Dry Docks, flapjack

6 – Calf raises, flapjack

7 – People’s Chair, flapjack

8 – Manmaker pushups, flapjack, recover

Mosey to Lot for Mary.

Finished strong with plenty of Dollys, Flutters, and Merkins.



We started with a nice circle to warmup only to have Yo-Yo Ma show up 30 seconds late and YHC try to decide how to keep the PAX out of his way.  If you haven’t seen Yo-Yo Ma slide into a parking lot you are missing quite a bit of excitement.  #themask  

Quite a bit of moaning as we crushed shoulders on the warmup.  The feedback did not stop when the PAX noticed the trend of exercise to failure and then run a lap.  I often wonder how much we run at a workout, today left no unanswered questions there. 

Props to Stagecoach, Radar, and The Hoff for rocking the rucks today.  Peer pressure creates poor decisions. 

Thank you guys for letting me lead and posting for what is surely to be a warmup for tomorrow’s Independence Day convergence beatdown.

Announcements: Convergence 7:00 at South Charlotte Middle, HDHH audible in effect as Bulldog and Snakebite have cleared the path for us to invade Hembsteads pool clubhouse for some Cornhole and BYOB.  Bring your boards if you have some.  There is a canopy if we need it and if that fails we can always head over to Vitners.

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Stage Coach
10 years ago

Nice work today, Bananas. The pain delivered this morning will linger for days.

10 years ago

Nice work Bananas. Needed that one before going on vacation.

10 years ago

Nice lead Banarnars. I do have to question your merkin form though. After getting to the 17th count I looked up to see you performing a quarter merkin – if that. No wonder you were hitting 20 (Haggis style) without collapsing. I will go over correct form with you at HDHH. Also it was touching to see TR and Busch holding hands while crossing the finish line together…#spoonpartners

Reply to  Bulldog
10 years ago

Propose to rename Far Side to Back Side. As in, the only view you had of him on the 400’s.

10 years ago

What the heck is this Bulldog? Do you need a lesson on Merkins now too? Well done getting to 17 though, that must have been quite tiring.

10 years ago

Oh yeah, we did 237 burpees today with Uncle Leo. When we got to number 17 we did feel a bit worn out.

The Hoff
10 years ago

Great job Q! For such a big dude you sure like to run. Would have been awesome had you puked though…we were all routing you on like some kind of WWF wrestler!
Also, BD that is the second time you mentioned spooning in the last 2 weeks…

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