Devil’s Turn – it was the Devil’s Turn to get smoked by the men of Area 51

Devil’s Turn – it was the Devil’s Turn to get smoked by the men of Area 51

Not too hard to write up the thang for Devil’s Turn, especially since with all the training going on no one was willing to show up at 5:30, only 5:15 crowd for 6 miles.  The 6 strongest, bravest men of Area 51 showed up to start their day off with a solid run through the greenway (and a 4.0).  Haggis, Turkey Leg, Red Sea, Dropbox and Crabcake (with Musket 4.0 leading the way) set off for 6 miles, YHC had left a few minutes earlier to try for a full 6 miles (obviously not at the same pace).  As the crowd caught up with YHC (didn’t take long) Crabcake and Musket decided to stay behind to push YHC through the long (relatively) distance.  YHC realized that it was mostly for the benefit of Musket, Crabcake really being able to keep up with the speedsters but had to take Musket’s well being into account.

The PAX were fairly relaxed right up until it was time to step off but then Haggis showed up and the groans started before he even got out of his Jeep with cries of, “great, there goes the pace, it is going to be another crazy run!”, way to go Haggis, good job pushing the PAX!

Haggis and Turkey Leg obviously setting what appeared to be (YHC doesn’t really see them for long) a healthy pace with Red Sea and Dropbox not too far behind (Red Sea posting as an FNG at last week’s Devil’s Turn and already keeping up with the 6 mile crew, looking really good).

YHC was working on setting a PR for distance and was looking for a full 6 miles, unfortunately given that YHC had never gone that far he took a turn that ended up in a parking lot by Pike’s off of Johnson road, no worries, the GPS watch told us how far we had gone.  YHC, Crabcake and Musket turned around and headed back.  As we were going back the enormous Run For Your Life crew was on the trail and it was noticeable for some reason that every time one of the lovely ladies of that crew passed by Crabcake sped up a bit, but he inevitably stayed behind for YHC’s benefit, that is real sacrifice!  Thanks brother, YHC, Crabcake and Musket put in about 5.75 miles, certainly a PR for YHC and evidence that if YHC can do it, anyone can.

Can’t thank the pax enough for today and every week putting out a great effort at the Devil’s Turn, Shore we continue to wish you a thorough and speedy (relatively) recovery.

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Mall Cop
10 years ago

Nice work Brew, your almost at the 6 mile mark! You’re a beast now brother! I’m DR for the next week and a half but brought my running shoes and will be running on the Vanderbilt campus in Nashville for the next 4 days.

There needs to be a rename as the orininal F 3 Moses is the “Tiger Rag of the North CLT Pax”. Not sure of the context of his naming but there are many possibilities having to do with Moses.

Reply to  Mall Cop
10 years ago

False alarm. Moses is his hospital name. Red Sea is his F3 name.

The SOB’s looked strong at Hydra today. Slow twitch might want to pick up the pace a bit. Of course, we ran on a sidewalk so that probably slowed them down. I like how you picked Aug 27, too, when Unfair is safely back at school. Good thinking.

10 years ago

Nice run today strange brew, glad I was part of making it your PR. Never ran that far with Musket(4.0). PR for me as well. See you in the gloom next week for 6.

10 years ago

Way to go Brew! I’m proud of you. Doc has me sitting on the bench til sometime next week. Hoping to run with you guys next week at Fast Twitch

10 years ago

Been pretty much shattered all day. Thanks Turkey Leg for pushing all the way!
Btw, we are flying Unfair back for the challenge. He is a fully committed SOB.

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