8 men gathered in the not so gloomy gloom to stretch their ligaments, exercise their muscles and break a little sweat.  By the time it was all said and done, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

The Thang:

Warmup mosey around parking lot, looking for a nice flat spot to circle up.


  • SSH x35
  • IW x35
  • Mountain Climbers x35
  • Man-maker Merkin x35
  • Slow Squat x35

Mosey to field and circle up for…

  • 35 burpees

Stay in circle and dive right in to the Ring of Fire (all PAX rotate counter-clockwise performing called exercise.  As and when each person is called out, they sprint around circle while other PAX perform stated exercise.  Repeato until all PAX have had chance to sprint.):

  • Lunge Walk/Squats
  • Bear Crawl/Merkins

150 yard sprint from Ring of Fire to fence, mosey back to ring. Repeat 3x.

Mosey to the Hot Box and grab a bench for…

  • 11s: dips/decline merkins
  • 20 jump-ups/20 single-leg squats (10 each leg).  Repeato.
  • Plank-o-rama led by Baracus

Mosey back to the Ring of Fire for special edition Jack Webb

  • 1 merkin/5 air presses, ladder to 7 merkin/35 air presses

Stay in circle for a brief bout with Mary:

  • LBC x35
  • Flutter x35

Mosey to parking lot, jail break to the cars.



  • Good to see everyone out this morning.  Smaller crowd than last week proved to be a good size.  Allowed for a bit of 2nd F when not too exhausted from the 1st F.
  • Thanks for celebrating my last day as a 35 year old in style.  Very glad I wasn’t turning much older as exercises x35 proved strenuous, especially in the warm, moist air.
  • Great job pushing through by all the PAX: Monkey Joe hit it hard as he continues his recovery tour; Blue Rhino proved tough as he kept up with the veterans.  Hops as always out ahead pushing the pace.
  • Especially enjoyed being called out for not sprinting hard enough during the Ring of Fire.  I hope you noticed I stepped up the pace the next time around.  Well done, though, that’s why we do this in groups, pushing each other to go harder/faster each time.


  • Kevlar meeting at Chick-fil-A this Friday (instead of normal CDS location).  Same time as usual.  Apparently someone wants to be in the front of the line for chicken minis.
  • HDHH tonight.  1800-1930 at Vitners.

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10 years ago

Great stuff Young Love. I would be remiss if I did not point out that Matlock was his usual LIFO self. You know we love you brother, but stereotypes exist for a reason.
Also, Monkey Joe’s definitely sounding healthy with the ear-splitting belches in full force. #rename?

Counter Top
Reply to  Hops
10 years ago

Second the motion to rename Monkey Joe. “Booger” comes to mind from the 80’s movie Better Off Dead.

Reply to  Counter Top
10 years ago

I believe you mean the 80s classic: revenge of the nerds and the aptly named: Booger

Counter Top
Reply to  Hops
10 years ago

that right, Revenge of the nerds, definitely a classic.

10 years ago

Good work boys.

Hops: Have you ever considered that I may be a little socially awkward and the tardiness thing is a defense mechanism and avoidance tactic? Thanks for increasing the awkwardness!

Reply to  Matlock
10 years ago

No. But buy you a beer at HDHH…don’t be late brother!

Counter Top
10 years ago

“… break a litle sweat.” ??? I broke a LOTTA sweat. Great job on Q this a.m. Young Love. You really brought the pain. #paintrain

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