Six Pack for the Turn

Six Pack for the Turn

Six + a furry 4.0 joined together for a nice early morning jog in finally some crisp morning air.  3 + the furry 4.0 headed out at 5:15 for ~6 miles tempo pace, while 3 headed out at 5:30 for ~4 miles and change.   Second time out for Musket (furry 4.0) who did a great job of clearing the path of the numerous frogs and critters that seem to be out in full force.    Road Rash put in a good pace out in front and despite taking a pitstop for a “gutbomb” still managed to finish strong.  The second group apparently got caught in the gaggle of clipboarders and then took a slight detour to explore some of the fine suburban landscape outside the greenway.    Glad to continue seeing metro representation out there with Orlando setting a steady pace with the second group.   Welcome to Moses FNG – 3 claps for hitting a running workout first time out and putting up a strong pace – now we just need to get him out to Fast Twitch for a real indoctrination. 

Enjoyed seeing everyone out there today! 


  • Double-Down opportunity for BRR runners this evening at 19:30 (or 7:30pm):   Evening Six:   An evening 5-7 mile route using the hills in Governors Square, Mountain Brook, Sharon View to Old Providence launching from Ben and Jerry’s on Fairview at 19:30.  (Barracuda will Q @F3Barracuda)
  • 2nd F summer event July 13th: Summer Pig Pickin’ 2013 including friendly cornhole and kickball tournaments;  please RSVP or reach out to Bugeater if you haven’t received an evite. 
  • Deadline approaching to order your Area 51 shirt – order closes on Saturday 6.22:–CLT-South-Area-51_c_37.html


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Purple Haze
10 years ago

This was definitely a fast group this morning. Orlando joined me from Metro and, after talking down his running abilities, promptly proceeded to set a mean pace out of the gate and finished strong, well in front of me. Way to bring it old man!

Finished the run with FNG Red Sea, who is likely to post at Kevlar tomorrow and maybe even Compass too. F3…it gets in your blood!

Turkey Leg…crushing it as always. Lost site of you at the end…strong brother.

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