Take to the skies for some high flying pain…

Take to the skies for some high flying pain…

24 PAX with 1 FNG leapt into the gloom for a Honey Bee and Skywalker one-two punch to the gut to get the week started off right. 

The Thang: 

Honey Bee Lead

Little Baby Jog to school (0.5 mi) 


– SSH x 30

– IW x 30

– Mr. Miagi’s x 20

– Merkin / Peter Parkers x 15

Indian run around school – 2 lines 

Dirty MacDeuce

Set 1: Standard Merkins x 12, LBC x 12, Superman – One arm / one leg high plank x 12

Set 2: Diamond Merkins x 12, Dolly x 12, Peter Parker x 12

Set 3: Dive Bomber Merkins x 12, Rosalita x 12, Parker Peter x 12

Set 4: Wide Merkins x 12, Dying Cockroach x 12, Glute bridge march x 12

 Skywalker Lead

 Little Baby Jog back to Carmel Neighborhood Park (0.5 mi)

 Line up at near side end zone of football field and partner up (size didn’t matter)

– Partner 1: Squats, Partner 2: 100 yds and back – Flapjack until 100 cumulative reps

– Partner 1: Dolly, Partner 2: 100 yds and back – Flapjack until 100 cumulative reps

– Partner 1: Burpees, Partner 2: 100 yds and back – Flapjack until 50 cumulative reps

– Plank-o-rama between sets – 10 count at the end to prevent the spillage of merlot

One last COP with 4 Minutes of Mary

– Dolly x 30

– Hold it!

– Slow Flutter x 20

– Hold it!

– And the best words YHC heard all day – Recover…

The Naked Moleskin:

The Dirty MacDeuce seemed to be a #crowdpleaser with great participation of the PAX especially in keeping YHC honest at the end when O2 deprivation was creeping in and the cadence was going south.  There were some good comments on the run back to the park.  Hops mentioned he heard just the right amount of groans and Jamboree thought it was a good full body workout. 

That was all before Skywalker went intergalactic on the PAX when we took the field at the park.  Squats and Dolly were a good pairing with the 100 yd (2x) dash, but the Burpee/dash combo had even the runners in the group gasping for gloom. The final Mary COP was a painful final touch and had the PAX begging for mercy by the second “hold it” call.  #crowdpleaser

Welcome to FNG Mike Jackson (World Tour).  He really “beat it” out there today during a real “thriller”…  Ok enough with the references, but great job out there and we look forward to seeing you again in the gloom.     


– New workout (Anvil) beginning this Wednesday (6/19) 5:30 am start at Calvary Church

– Gear workout on Mondays at Elon Park and Boot Camp workout on Saturdays in Indian Trail beginning in July.  Expect to see more details on those workouts in the coming weeks.   

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10 years ago

Painful stuff brothers. Loved it. Took the pax a while to figure out how the Indian run works, but we’ll get better next time.

10 years ago

Yeah I was wondering when I was going to start seeing someone sprinting to the front during the Indian Runs – that was funny.
Great job to Honeybee. You will do a great job leading the upcoming workout #Foxhole.

We are developing a nice core group of DMZ pax. Enjoying getting to know you guys.


Reply to  Skywalker
10 years ago

I see my suggestion to name it Irritable Bell fell on deaf ears. Still time to do the right thing.

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