Grab your Rocks Wolfman!

Grab your Rocks Wolfman!

25 lads grabbed their rocks and headed out into the gloom for a beatdown that tested the stones of all present.


Jog to creek and grab a rock the size of your heed.
Rack them and head to lot.
SHH x 25
IW x 25
Merkins x 15 on rocks
Squats x 15
Burpees til Wolfman gets back with a rock.

Partner up.

Partner 1 sprint lap
Partner 2 squats with rock overhead – Repeato

Partner 1 sprint pal
Partner 2 diamond merkins – Repeato

Partner 1 sprint lap
Partner 2 bicep curls – Repeato

Head to tires

Merkin ladder

Tricep ladder



Great work by all today for a pretty tough workout. Wolfman was on the end of some unsavory comments after forgetting his rock and sending the pax into a burpee blast. He finally came back after bringing back a good sized stone and a friend he found in the woods. The instructions were to select a rock as big as your head and apparently Brown and Chaps fancy themselves as having pin heads judging by the size of the pebbles they selected. For the partner work these boys had to double up whereas most of the pax labored on with a more respectable piece of the earth.
Bananas enjoyed the bicep curls while sporting the self made cutoff shirt. My bet is The Hoff will cut out two chest circles to show off his gargantuan pecs this time next week.
Heading to the tires Q heard a few complaints about the amount of water sloshing in the tires when slammed down after the burpees. Yet the word the street is that Busch added to the sloshing sound by spilling his merlot behind one of the parked cars. You know it’s a good workout when even Busch is yakking his guts up. Road Rash finally kept his Lucky Charms down after a similar spill at DV on Wednesday.
Strong work by all. Good to see Zip back after a hiatus in Mexico. His enthusiasm when counting brings a whole new level to the workout although it seemed there was more emphasis on the “halt” call today than ever.

Welcome Rick M (Serena) who hung tough on his first workout! Nothing like getting a gir nickname first time out…


F3 Dads at 9am tomorrow at Colonel Beatty.
Sat workouts as scheduled.

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10 years ago

I expected for self defense from the pax after this ripping. Great stuff. Busch, tighten up bud.

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