It’s a brand new dance called the Merkin Shuffle

It’s a brand new dance called the Merkin Shuffle

20 dudes decided to wake early and be the first in line at The Maul.  We didn’t spend a dime but instead were paid a pavement beat down.

Warm up:

SSH x 20ish

IW x 20ish

Jack Squats x 20ish (a Pax favorite)

-short mosey and partner up-

partner 1 runs to the tree and back while partner 2 does Spartan Burpees, flapjack.

Goal = 100

100 mason twists

100 merkins

100 MTN climbers

plank between exercises

partner 1 plank, partner 2 decline Merlin’s, flapjack, then run as a team around the ole’ Oak tree.

Each guy does 20 lunge jumps, then run to tree and back.

-mosey to the fountain-

single leg lunges, opposite leg elevated on fountain x20 each leg

dips x20


plank up for merkin shuffle

Plank walk left on Q count; merkin, plank walk right on count; merkin.


relay race

back pedal, shuffle,  waiting members planked, and mary.

Jail break home



I have been absent for many mornings the past 2 weeks so I felt well rested and ready to go at it hard on the concrete at The Maul today.  Unfortunately the Pax had to pay the price for my fartsacking.

Before I could call out the first exercise Tiger Rag decided he needed his back scratched and since the Maul lacks trees, he violated the parking lot with a sight I wish to never see again.  And I thought cats hated being on their backs.

The 100s seemed to get us off on the right foot.  No mumble chatter so I assume it was tough.

The Merkin Shuffle made its debut later on.  I can easily see this dance craze sweeping the nation.  No music needed, just the moans and groans of men working hard will suffice.  Hops gets credit for the naming rights.

Thanks to Dora and Freely’s Comet for suggesting some Mary and planks during our relay race.  Great call and thanks for looking out. Great work pushing yourselves.


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11 years ago

The coordinated traffic cone orange shirts donned by TR, Hoffa and YoYoMa? was touching. Could have had them plank up in the parking lot as markers for exercises. Good Q Mic Check.

And Kotters to Sparky!

Reply to  Hops
11 years ago

I heard the 3 of them coordinated their outfits in hopes that M. Mic Check would show to interview them for a followup segment on the Nation.

Mighty Mite
11 years ago

I think the third traffic cone was Freely’s Comet, not YoYoMa.

I was a big fan of the merkin shuffle. #crowdpleaser

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