Look out Fast Twitch…

Look out Fast Twitch…

14 big hairy men found their limits today while running around in circles or lying down.   Today was personal record day at bagpipe which meant pushing just a little harder than usual.

The Thang:

Warm up: 30 side straddle hops

Merkins personal record in cadence: Go to your max, then pause for five, then come back in.  The group went to 30, pause, 5 more, pause, 5 more.  80 regular count push-ups ain’t bad, but we can do better!

Mosey to pull up bars.  Partner up.  Partner assist to 15 pull ups, then squats.  Repeato.

Mosey to dip wall on the shore of Loch Ness.  Dips personal record in cadence: Group went to 20, pause, plus 5 more.  (These were full dips, Tiger Rag!)  10 decline merkins to recover.

Mosey to parking lot for Mary personal record.  Good ol fashioned seated crunches.  Group went to 30, pause, 5 more, pause, 5 more.

Mosey back to Loch Ness for 1 mile personal record run.  3.3 laps of loch ness = 1 mile.  We just can’t have those Fast Twitch boys getting ahead of us.  Because we are tougher, we use a more demanding course.  Look out Joker!

Select times:

FNG Unfair 6:05

Haggis 6:20

Honey Bee 6:37

Mighty Mite 7:13

Market Timer 7:23

Puppy Love 7:23

Wingman 8:30

Fireman Ed 9:00

Mosey back to parking lot for some Q school.  Circle up; each member of the pax take the lead with an exercise with perfect diction and cadence.

Can’t remember all the exercises but we got through 10 of the pax.  Fireman finished us off with heels to the heavens for a 25 count.  Brutal!


– A painful day but we got a lot in.

– Awesome gains being made by Chipotle, Long Distance, and Fillmont.  Good to see!!

– Backdraft called diamond merkins on Q school circle.  YHC kryptonite – Backdraft knocked them out.  Impressive!

– FNG Unfair shows up for his first session, crushes us all on the one mile, then informs us that he is 20 and plays varsity soccer for Boston.  Awesome performance, and well named by Fireman Ed!

– Mighty Mite on Q next week.  He enthusiastically mentioned that he is brimming with new ideas, so should be a good one.




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Honey Bee
Honey Bee
11 years ago

Great Q today Haggis! You definitely squashed the buzz with the merkin madness and the domination in the mile run. Good day in the gloom.

11 years ago

Beware the 20-somethings men! #hatehate Mighty Mite will take months off your life while relishing his ripe young age of 26!

11 years ago

Thank goodness that I wasn’t there. Cant imagine what 14 big hairy men must have smelled like during the Ball of Man….

11 years ago

Is Loch Ness the sidewalk around the little pond… kind of shaped like a quadrilateral, with a few dips in the sidewalk along the way? If so, you guys should shave a few seconds off your time to adjust for the sub-optimal conditions. I use a very complex algorithm [borrowed from Tiger Rag’s lab] to decide whether to add or subtract seconds from my timed runs.

How about if at the end of the summer we do a convergence – at an oval track – to do a Tuesday morning fastest mile competition?

Reply to  Joker
11 years ago

Great idea, Joker. I’m in!

Reply to  Joker
11 years ago

Yes, good idea: lots of flat, paved, oval tracks at the Spartans, mud runs, etc… Life is sub-optimal. Training should be the same. Though I would be intrigued to see a race matching Haggis’ Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot gait against Joker’s cloud of Ben Gay.

How about a home and away? A Tuesday at the Oval followed by a Saturday at Loch Ness? I’m game.

Market Timer
Market Timer
11 years ago

FNG Unfair was so young he couldn’t remember if he was 19 or 20. Just that he can’t buy beer. #hatehateproblems

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