Zip-A-Dee’s Fan Club

Zip-A-Dee’s Fan Club

5 of Zip’s dedicated faithful fan club weren’t discouraged by Cantore’s weather prediction nor the precipitation that blew in throughout the night and entered the gloom to make a downPAINment at the Matrix!

The Thang:

Before things get started Surprise Burpees x 5!  (Chatter – it’s hard to bend down this soon so early so we kept it light….)

Mosey down to the soggy soccer field to examine the terrain:

–       But Kicks

–       Karaoke left

–       Backwards mosey / run

–       Karaoke right

The field resembled lake Erie Q as anticipated so Q calls an audible of what he previously had planned and we head for higher ground to the parking lot to the launch pad for COP:

SSH x 20

IW x 20

Merkins x 15

Peter Parker’s x 20

Get moving again and run to the back of the school for a “modified” Roger Waters (not quite wall to wall but – Wall to Tree Stumps)

  • § 10 jump ups (on stumps)
  • § 20 squats (mid-way to the wall)
  • § 20 Donkey Kicks

Rinse and Repeat X 3

Jog across campus back to the front parking lot of the school for more PAIN on the jungle gym.

3 exercises followed by Sprints around the lot (200-250 yds)

–       1st exercise – 10 pull-ups followed by a Sprint.

–       2nd exercise – 20 dips followed by a Sprint.

–       3rd exercise – 20 air squats?  (QIC needs confirmation here but it was something) followed by a Sprint.

Grab some wall, 1 minute standard – 2nd minute 30 air presses (in cadence)

3 exercises followed by Sprints around the lot (200-250 yds)

–       1st exercise – 20 merkins followed by a sprint

–       2nd exercise – 20 diamonds followed by a sprint

–       3rd exercise – 20 wide arm merkins followed by a sprint

Grab some wall, 1 minute standard – 2nd minute 30 air presses (in cadence)

Indian run across the lots to and around the track (with only a PAX of 5 this was good stuff with the additional reps and 5 Thoroughbreds).  After completing the circuit around the track, jailbreak back to the main parking lot for some Mary!!!!

5 MOM:

Dolly x 20

Flutter x 20

Bicycle x 20

LBC x 20


Another great day at The Matrix for Zip’s very own Fan Club Day and only the 5 strongest came out.  I assume the rest were either fearful of what Z had in store and opted to a lighter w/out called the DMZ or they simply didn’t want to get grimy and mess up their manicures from their weekend spa treatment.  Either way, it was a great day for such a strong PAX of 5.

Z tried to bait Tiger Rag on a few different occasions but he was having none of it.  He and Uncle Leo were having some sort of 1:1 PT competition and were flying out there.  A shout out to Young Love and Abacus who were right on their heels.  YL just continues to get faster and faster and Abacus has become a beast on the pull-up bars and perfecting the “perkin” = perfect – merkin.

New workout DMZ started today Monday 6/3, 5:30 am at the Carmel Neighborhood Park & Carmel Middle School where Governator meets.  Matrix faithful – DON’T GO THERE!!!!  J

Area 51 pool party 6/8 at Candlewick Pool.  Respond to your RSVP email before Bug Eater comes and tracks you down.  Another evite went out last night……

Have a Good Week Boyz!

Zip – OUT

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11 years ago

Sorry I missed it zip, but staying up most of the night with my 10 yr old does not lend well in getting up with no sleep. See you next time in the gloom.

11 years ago

So, what are the perks associated in membership in the Zi-A-Dee fan club? And is it a lifetime membership, or do you offer a month-to-month option? And who are you… Zip-A-Dee, or Zippidy??

11 years ago

The best Matrix workouts are the 5-guy Matrix workouts. Thanks, Z, for stepping up to Q the Monday Monster.

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