Day Zero: Let the Hazing Begin

Day Zero: Let the Hazing Begin

The shovel flag was firmly planted for Week 2 of Day Zero and 23 brave men, including 3 FNGs, lined up single file behind YHC for a quick time march from the parking lot down to the McAlpine Proving Grounds for some Saturday morning fun.

The Thang:

In a single file line at a marked-off area of the soccer field:

  • Forward run to first corner
  • Slide left to the second corner
  • Backward run to third corner
  • Slide right to the beginning
  • Repeato

Peel off to an adjacent field for some COP:

  • IWs, 20 (cadence)
  • SSHs, 20 (cadence)
  • Merkins, 20 (cadence)
  • Squats, 20 (cadence)
  • Mountain climbers, 20 (cadence)

Mosey to the next field, line up abreast and let the Hazing begin:

Round 1

  • 10 forward/backward jumps (touch the ground), sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 20 merkins, sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 30 jump squats (touch the ground), sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 40 switch kicks, sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 50 LBCs, sprint 40 yds, plank

Round 2

  • 10 groiners, sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 20 merkins jacks, sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 30 jumping lunges, sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 40 suicide drills, sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 50 Russian twists, sprint 40 yds, plank

Round 3

  • 10 burpees, sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 15 burpees, sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 20 burpees, sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 25 burpees, sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 30 burpees, sprint 40 yds, plank

Circle up for 6 MoM:

  • Flutter, 20 (cadence) – Hold it
  • Dolly, 20 (cadence) – Hold it
  • Rosalita, 20 (cadence)
  • Knee ups, 15 (cadence)

Line back up abreast and finish strong:

  • Bear crawl 20 yds, lunge walk 20 yds
  • Backward bear crawl 20 yds, backward lunge walk 20 yds
  • Belly start suicide (20 yds, back, 40 yds, back)
  • Belly start backwards run suicide (20 yds, back, 40 yds, back)

A call to the bullpen for some Radar love (more on this in Moleskin):

  • Run from the fields to the front of the school
  • Step up walks on the benches, right leg then turnaround for the left
  • Around to the side of the school for some People’s chair…regular, right leg up, left leg up, regular
  • Circle up in the parking lot for some more Mary…Dolly, 60 (cadence); LBCs, 30 (cadence)


YHC showed up about 15 minutes early to set up for his first Q at Day Zero only to find Mighty Mite (Hate) already there running laps around the track at McAlpine.  Even so, he brought it strong during today’s workout…ahh, must be nice to be in your 20s brother.

There wasn’t a lot of chatter out there today during the 3 rounds of Hazing.  O2 deprivation kicked in early and that left the Pax searching for each breath.  However, halfway through the climb to 100 burpees, the Pax could see the writing on the wall and the Q was chastised for his lack of creativity.  YHC did not take it personally though, as it just served as confirmation that pain was being dealt in a very real way.  A couple of other highlights worth noting:

  • Midway through the Hazing, Donkey Kong shed his shirt.  YHC gives him credit though, as he apologized in advance.
  • During the backwards suicide runs, Strawberry fell down. He was on the end and tried to get up before anyone noticed…but it was too late…and, of course, the Pax couldn’t let it pass by.  Thankfully for him, we already have a Tumbler.
  • Special thanks to a couple of F3Metro guys, Tryon and Bird Hole (who got YHC started in this madness), for venturing into the South Charlotte time zone for Day Zero.
  • Good work by Stagecoach with the double down on Stonehenge and Day Zero.

Great effort by the Pax today.  Everyone pushed it hard, leaving the hour long rookie Q with some extra time.  Thanks to Radar for finishing us off, literally.  Thankfully, he showed mercy and stopped short of his 75 (cadence) dolly record from last week.

Special thanks to IPTAY, who presented YHC with a Purple ribbon he found on the school grounds, left over from this past week’s Field Day activities.  The Q was deeply moved.


  • New workout DMZ launches Monday at Carmel Rd Neighborhood Park.  Hops and Skywalker on Q.
  • More Day Zero fun next Saturday.  Big League Chew and Purple Haze on Q.
  • Area51 pool party on June 8th, 6pm-9pm at the Candlewyck neighborhood pool.




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11 years ago

This is way to grow a workout. Wouldn’t be surprised if Haze was out there by himself next week. That’s just nasty.

Reply to  Tiger-Rag
11 years ago

No way, that is.

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