The Pacesetter

The Pacesetter

 7 brave early risers gathered this morning for Fast Twitch – to be put to the test while enjoying one of the few pre-dawn days we have left before the sweltering summer heat set in next month. 

 The Thang:

 Warm-up and COP:

  • ¼ mile jog around the track
  • 26 SSH
  • 20 IWs
  • 20 MCs
  • 10 Merkins
  • 20 Squats

 The Pacesetter:

  • 1 Mile Run around track – timed
  • 10 burpees
  • ¼ mile walk cool-down

 Mosey to baseball bleachers for…

 The Ramp-Down Circuit:

  • Lap run up stairs and around baseball field back to bleachers (~1/4 mile)  (x 5)
  • 3 stations along route
    • Squats (x20, 15, 10, 5)
    • SMCs (x20, 15, 10, 5)
    • Dips (x20, 15, 10, 5)
    • Last mile pure sprint, no stations

 Sprint back to parking lot for COT


Just to ensure the PAX were all awake before the pacesetter, they were treated to skip counting by the rookie Q who apparently needs a refresher in counting from his preschooler.   Once sufficiently disoriented, all the PAX got an opportunity to set their baseline 1-miler pace:

  • Turkey Leg  6:32
  • Rock Thrill  7:30
  • Badlands  9:40
  • Flyboy  7:30
  • Custer  9:30
  • Skywalker 7:10
  • Joker 5:55*

 Joker doesn’t just get a * for being the fastest, but also a note for the record books that there was some irregularity in the timing – something about his watch not accounting for him running in the outside lanes so he needed an “adjustment?” to the time – then he apparently forgot about his burpees till the end. 

Anyway, great effort by all today.   One FNG this morning and luckily for him he howls from South Dakota enabling him to snatch a proud “Badlands” handle.   Terrific work by all!

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10 years ago

Yeah, what was all of that #mummblechatter about, Joker? I heard him saying that he thought his real time was about 4 seconds faster because of this and that. Here’s what I know. I started out fast (for me) behind Turkey Leg and couldnt figure out why I didnt hear Joker clipping my heels. And then something kind of blurry goes flying by after the first 150 yds or so. Wow.

10 years ago

Turkey Leg, I forgot to mention that this was a great workout. I’m looking forward to seeing how Fast Twitch increases my speed over the coming months.

Strange Brew
10 years ago

I am hoping I can make up the timing session, definitely plan to be a regular and am looking forward to improving my time. Some seriously fast dudes out there!

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