Early Birds Get The Worm

Early Birds Get The Worm

The shovel flag was planted and 22 men, all accounted for, posted for their weekly dose of Centurion.

The Thang (early start by 5 minutes – YHC ready to get the holiday weekend started):

Run up road to Carmel to parking lot near Panera for COP

Burpees – 10
Burpees – 10
Merkins X20
Burpees – 10

(Those who were late – well, just not early, joined half way in)

Run back to CCHS parking lot for the Devils Workout (6x6x6)
Six stops and six reps of called exercise while running down parking lot and back
Round 1 – Imperial Walkers
Round 2 – Knee ups
Round 3 – Merkins
Round 4 – Mountain climbers
Round 5 – Jumping lunges
Round 6 – Burpees (ouch)

Run to picnic tables at front of school
10 step ups each leg, 10 dips, 10 decline merkins
10 step ups each leg, 15 dips, 15 decline merkins
10 step ups each leg, 20 dips, 20 decline merkins

Run back to parking lot for six minutes of mary and some shoulder work
Flutter kick X20
Hold em
High flutter kick x20
Hold em
Dolly x20
Hold em
High dolly x20
Hold em
Freddie Mercury x20
Diamonds x10
Stagger right x10
Stagger left x10
Carolina dry docks x10


Naked Moleskin:
YHC was a little anxious for a holiday weekend and started at 5:25. Had a long list of pain and wanted to make sure I got it all in. Apoligies to the late (not really) arrivers.

Sacagawea once again trys to go for Larry Bird award but I think that goes only to old guys that beat the younger QIC. I’m around 15 years older so he doesn’t get to take home the trophy until he laps me.

FNG Mike Babb aka Philmont – (mbadd@usa.net) showed up on his own and announced he was an FNG at the start. His goal is to lose 50 pounds before trip to Philmont next summer so he came to the right place. Keep coming back brother and we’ll do our best to help you with that goal. After further consideration, changed your name from wishbone to Philmont.

Still hoarse from having to shout Hate so many times during COT. Abacus (my younger brother) showed up to taunt me but it was just fuel for the fire. He does count nice and slow like an old man so it was a nice break.

Remember Memorial Day Convergence at Sout Park and consider signing up to help tutor next fall at AG Middle School. See web site for more details.

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10 years ago

Great Q Chelms. Great way to launch the weekend. Oh the irony of the devil’s workout at Catholic…it was painful. Like the rename to Philmont…need to intro him to Jamboree.

10 years ago

Nice lead by Chelms this morning. May have to disown him as my brother after the Devils Workout in the parking lot of Charlotte Catholic. Nice slow 10 count was called for after that smokefest.

10 years ago

It’s the attack of the Chepul brothers… they are everywhere.

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