A Run on the Bank

A Run on the Bank

The VSF was planted and 19 Maulers took off for a stroll around Stonecrest.


Jog to one of the parking lots (the entire place is one big parking lot).


SSHs x 25

IWs x 25

Merkins x 15

LBCs x 20

Jog to fountain

11’s: Jump Ups & Derkins


Jog to ATM for some runnin’ & the like:

Lunge walk x 40 yds

Burpee Broad Jumps x 40 yds

Defensive Shuffles x 40 yds


Sprint x 40 yds


Backwards Run x 40 yds



Jog to back of movie theatre

Peoples chair x 2 min.

BTWs x 3

Peoples chair x 1 min. with shoulder presses

Mosey to home parking lot

Circle up for…..

5 Minutes of She-Hate-Me w/rotating triumvirate of:

Wide arms x 10

Jump squats x 10

Freddie Mercury’s x 10

6 MoM

One-legged Dolly L x 10

One-legged Dolly R x 10

One-legged Flutter R x 10

One-legged Flutter L x 10

Greatest American Hero w/musical accompaniment

Butterflies in GAH position x 10

Mason Twist x 15 – Special Thanks to Market Timer for the suggestion to finish off the workout


As YHC pulled into The Maul I noticed a street sweeper making his rounds.  Thought there may be some merlot to be cleaned up when we were through, but alas, no spillage from any of the pax.  I’ll do better next time.  Did hear some mumblechatter during the 11’s that the walls were too high for jump-up’s.  Dora has a gash on his shin that speaks to that.

The Maul has some serious studs among the pax.  T-claps to all of you.  Special shout-out to Tuck, who has been at it for just 2 weeks, but I swear he’s posted 16 times.  And Frack who was an FNG Monday was back for more pain in the Stonecrest gloom today.  Also, IPTAY is bringing it consistently.  Great work men.

Also, pretty sure Boutique and Tuck are not-too-distant cousins.  #lookalikes  F3 brothers for sure.

Pretty sure Mighty Mite is on Q next week, so brace yourselves boys.  He’s typically the War Baby of the pax, and he’ll have plenty of energy to bring the pain next week.


Signup on website for Patriots Festival.  Can triple down with the workout or do just the 5k and tribute to veterans.  #freedomnotfree #honorourfallenheroes

Signup as well by this Friday for fall mudrun and goruck in August

3rd F workouts – The Yardstick – Thursday 0630 at Panera South Park and Compass – Friday 0630 at Chic-Fil-A Arboretum

F3 Dads – Saturdays in June – Francis Beatty Park at 0900, 2.0’s of any age; Header is your Q

New Monday workout – DMZ – launches 6/3 at Carmel Middle School

THIS SATURDAY – 5/25 – new 0700 workout at McAlpine Elementargy (name TBD)



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Market Timer
Market Timer
11 years ago

Those fountain walls are a beast. Ideally, you need to be 6′ 4″ or have a vertical leap of 36 inches. As you get halfway through 11s, odds are almost 1:1 that you will destroy shin or face plant into fountain. Ironically, I see small children scaling them at will after crushing burritos at Qdoba but I assume they also performed no COP or other thang prior.

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