Fast Twitch Launch, and the Beast Ate My Little Orange Cones

Fast Twitch Launch, and the Beast Ate My Little Orange Cones

Aye! 14 brave souls (2 brave FNGs) ventured into the extra gloomy gloom to see what all this Fast Twitch talk was all about.  Whatever they were expecting, it probably wasn’t this.

The Thang:
Run to football field for COP
SSH x 20
IW x 15
Merkins x 15
Peter Parkers x 15

Mosy to end line
Run full length of field (goalpost to goalpost) — become one with the field, fellas (foreshadowing).

The Beast: 6 trips down and back full length of field, 6 stops on each trip, 6 reps of called exercise at each stop.  Called exercises:
Jumping lunges
Burpees (crowd pleaser)
Wide Arm Merkins
and something else

11’s on the full length of the field with burpees and squats (smoker)

As pax finishes the 11’s begin burpee laps — run a lap, 10 burpees, repeato until all pax finished w/ 11’s.  Everyone runs at least one lap.

Run to parking lot, peoples chair until all pax arrive.



Ok, so that was a total smoker.  We covered ~3.4 miles, so Fast Twitch did live up to the billing of covering more ground than your average bootcamp workout.  Though the pax was smoked and relatively quiet out there today, and generally not very fast with all the burpees, etc, taking the speed out of us.

I had no idea how long that set of 11’s was going to take.  I had a load of other stuff planned for after that if there had been time.  Don’t worry, it’s all on the list for next time.

Good size crowd for a launch, including 2 brave FNGs.  Hope to see you guys out again.

Totally forgot about my orange cones that I put out to mark the stops for the Beast.  If the DV pax sees them out there tomorrow morning, grab ’em for me.  Thanks.

Turkey Leg is the QIC next week.  Let’s see what he’s got up his turkey leg.

Nice work out there today fellas.


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11 years ago

Strong workout this morning Sprague. Definitely worthy of getting up and out of the fartsack!

11 years ago

Great launch, and the 5:15 start was a great way to beat the heat.

11 years ago

14 is great for a launch. Drop your head and #DriveOn. Aye.

11 years ago

Aye. Hate that I missed the launch today. Will try to remember the 0515 start next week!

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