Those Wall Walkers are INSANE

Those Wall Walkers are INSANE

22 (1 FNG) eager men gathered in the shadow of CCHS for an early morning workout.

The Thang:

    • Merkens x 30
    • SSH x 30
    • LBC x 30
    • Mountain Climbers x 30
    • Plank – 10 sec slow count – HOPS
    • 6 inch Plank – 10 sec slow count – HAGGIS

Mosy to Benches at front of CCHS

  • Jump Up x 20
  • Decline Mirkens x 20
  • Dips x20
  • SLOW Squat x20
  • PLANK – HOLD until Pax Completes set

Rinse and repeat 3x

Jog to front entrance of CCHS, Number off 1, 2, 3, 4

  • #1 – Wall Walkers – Hand stand walk along perimeter wall on hands  (60-70 ft)
  • #2 – Bear Crawls up ramp to CCHS entrance
  • #3 – Wall Runners – Hand stand mountain climbers on wall x20
  • #4 – Crab Walk down ramp

Rinse and repeat 3x

1 mile cool – down jog to Carmel Rd via Little Ave. to Carmel Village Shopping Ctr.  Run up two flights of stairs and around perimeter down stairs to parking lot.

Repeat 2x

Jog from Carmel Village Shopping Ctr to CCHS via Pineville Matthews Rd.

Naked Moleskin:

Classic moment when we were wall walking (yes on our hands) along the entrance of the CCHS academic building, when a passer-by (assistant principal) said ” Wall Walkers are INSANE’  nuff said!




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10 years ago

That was a thorough beatdown Runstopper. Thank you very little. Seriously – good work! Centurion’s turned into a solid crew and good mix of Metro guys and Area 51.

10 years ago

Strong showing guys! Looking forward to joining you in the gloom soon.

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