The Devil’s Turn Turnout Took Down the Devil Himself

The Devil’s Turn Turnout Took Down the Devil Himself

10 Pax hit the Devil’s Turn this morning, leading YHC to believe that with Hydra there were few fartsackers in Clt South today.  Devil’s Turn had the additional strong participation by 4 Metro Pax who were showing the CLT South Pax how to run 6 miles.  Malkovich (obviously the best dressed of the crew), Chico, Furyk and Disney went off at 5:15 for a solid 6 miles, starting and finishing as a group with a pretty strong pace, while Turkey Leg, Swiss Miss, Moby and Skywalker did 4 (Skywalker looking particularly strong, keeping pace with the crew and looking strong at the end, keep it up!).  Briquette made his inaugural appearance doing 3 miles+ with Fartleks (seriously man, you don’t need to get into it all on the first day!), well done!  YHC pushing himself to 4.5 miles.  Turkey Leg and Swiss Miss demonstrating why they are qualified to lead the new “Twitch” workout with some serious speed.

Great send off by Skywalker and good 2nd F after the COT, great to get to know some of the Metro guys as well as our other CLT South brothers.

Turkey Leg reminding the Pax of the new workout “Twitch”, making some of the Pax immediately start to wince at the sound of “running” and “speed” in the description hmmm…. probably shouldn’t go then, it might be hard.  YHC will be there but I doubt you will be.

Malkovich with the reminder on the Memorial Day event, should be good, YHC is sad to have to miss it.


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The Shore
The Shore
10 years ago

Great job guys. Sorry to miss out on all the fun, just as things seem to be picking up with the weather and all. Unfortunately, we will be moving the DT in 2 weeks as well, to the Greenway off Rea Rd. near the Trader Joes (just south of 51). Not sure if this will continue to encourage the metro pax to keep coming out, but hopefully will get more of our south charlotte bretheren out on the trail. I may still be laid up by then but hope to fully heal up soon. See you in the gloom.

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