Pax Meet Brick

Pax Meet Brick

The virtual shovel flag was posted and 16 PAX rolled in to Charlotte Catholic HS for their weekly dose of Centurion

Grab a brick from trunk of Chelms truck and jog to warm up lot for COP

SSH X20 – Brick in right hand
SSH X20 – Brick in left hand
Diamonds X15
Squats with brick out front (where else?) X25
Plank with right arm brick risers X10
Plank with left arm brick risers X10

Jog to corner of football field for “Extended four corners” (still no key for field and Q is not about to be first to climb the fence since I have 2 2.0’s heading their soon). Jog around outisde of “stadium” and stop at each corner to complete 10 count of called excercise
Round 1 – Merkins
Round 2 – Squats
Round 3 – Turkish get ups (ouch)
Round 4 – Jumping lunges
Round 5 – Burpees

Jog to front of school to picnic tables for step ups , dips, and merkins
Round 1 – x10
Round 2 – X15
Round 3 – X20

Jog to parking lot for 6 minutes of mary
Low dolly X15
High flutter X15
Low flutter X15
Freddie Mercury (slow bicycle) X15
Boat / canoe

Jog around field back to start for COT

First time as Q at Centurion and had to show the young men how an old man gets after it. I have only been war daddy once in 2 years before Centurion and now twice in a row. #oldmanstrong is looking for some real war daddies (over 50).

Extended four corners was rough but just wait till/if we get on the football field for burpee/squat suicide ladder.

Did Farside show up late on purpose thinking he could slip through without a brick unnoticed? Q was watching like a hawk and made sure he got his money’s worth – #noshortcuts

A lot of new faces for me so bare with me until I learn names and faces. It was a privilege to take the lead at Centurion.

Consider contributing some time to Billingsville now or AG Middle School in the fall to help guide/tutor some young men that often lack a strong male figure in their life. Contact me at if interested in helping (1 or 2 per month from 4:30 to 6:00 one day a week – Wed at Billingsville and TBD at AG Middle School).

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11 years ago

Young Love was at Kevlar, too. Chelms is cooking the books! Old man forgetfulness. Your brother Abacus told me at Kevlar that you’re too old… You would’ve been WD at Kevlar too if that makes you feel any better brother

Stage Coach
11 years ago

I was there too. I’m afraid I might have nightmares about the bricks! Great workout, Chelms.

Strange Brew
11 years ago

PAIN well delivered, can’t wait for another installment of war daddy PAIN! Great effort by the crew, I am well qualified to tell as I see everyone in front of me for most of the workout.

Mic Check
Mic Check
11 years ago

Really tough workout Chelms, thanks brother. After the first lap I was looking for a brick wall to quietly set my brick down on.
Uncle Leo and Spaceballs were also there.

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