In a Pinch for a Q

In a Pinch for a Q


With Bulldog on the DL, the Kevlar pax had to settle for YHC as Q on this beautiful Friday morning.  Nevertheless, 30 non-fartsackers launched an assault at 0530 (or 0531.24798 as TR asserted).


Jog from parking lot to center of church campus for COP

SSH x 25

IW x 24

Squats x 25 – mumble chatter already….come on guys

Slow Perfect Merkins x 13

Jog to terraced parking lots and split into 2 lines of 15 men for the following:

1st Run:

Lunge walk to first terrace, bear crawl to 2nd terrace, lunge walk to bottom of hill, Run up hill, 10 burpees at top, run all the way back to start point, plank until all pax finishes

2nd Run:

High knees to first terrace, backwards run to 2nd terrace, lunge walk to bottom of hill, run up hill, 20 LBCs at top, run back to start point, plank until all pax finishes

Jog to parking lot near ball fields

Burpee broad jumps the length of the parking lot.  Much mumblechatter.

Mosey to field near benches.

1 group does flutter kicks while 2nd group does 20 Nipplers (decline merkins, touching right hand to left pec, then left hand to right pec, etc., etc. 10 reps each arm)

Time for some 11’s:

1 group starts with Dips at benches

1 group starts with Wide Arm Merkins at other end of field

Run to opposite end of field in between exercises.

Run back to high school complex

People’s Chair

Partner Up: 1 man in People’s Chair while other man does 20 WLBCs.  Flapjack.


6ish MoM & Plankish work

Dolly x 13

Freddy Mercury x 13

CCVs x 13 (YHC’s favorite….unless Providentially hindered – this is a staple of any workout YHC leads #losethelovehandles

Makthar Ndjiaye’s x 13

Overhead Presses x 50 (1/2 of a Jack Webb)



TR gave grief before the launch and asked YHC to check the Timex – so we launched at 0531.something or other.

Surprised by some mumblechatter during COP….it’s not the weekend yet men!

Great turnout at Kevlar but where were Bugeater, 49’er and Donkey Kong who launched Hydra yesterday?

Strong work by all the men and T-Claps to our FNG Jemima for pushing through the pain.  Good to have you brother and look forward to having you back among the pax soon.

Most exciting point of the morning was when Busch or Spackler (can’t remember) spotted another snake along the wall during People’s Chair session.  YHC is still trying to confirm that Snakebite timed his fastest 40 time ever in sprinting away from the wall and then jumping on Geraldo’s shoulders.


Launch of 3rd F Workout: Compass at Arbo Chic-Fil-A was a great success.  20 pax posting. T-claps to Stone Cold and Bulldog for co-Q’ing this.

Bring K-5 children’s books to The Rock tomorrow for Billingsville students.  WCNC will be filming at The Rock as well tomorrow, so pax posting be duly warned (persuaded? or dissuaded?).  Expect to see Brown wearing the Mushmouth lid, Chuck E. Cheese donning the famous shoes, and Iron Horse to sport the Red Grange football helmet…is that too much to ask?

Continue to pray for our brothers who are rehabbing/hurting: Bulldog, Ray Charles, The Shore, and others.  Also – please remember Coal Miner’s Daughter family in prayers with the passing of his father.  And also Matlock and his daughter.  He is a mighty God and capable of all things.

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10 years ago

The same place you were yesterday morning!

10 years ago

So how about those Panthers….

10 years ago

Thanks for stepping up there Hops and I love the picture and sounds like a great workout! Thanks to all who came out to 3rd F at Chic-Fil-A and for sharing your thoughts and words of wisdom. What a great group of lads and even if you can’t make it at that time let me know and I can shoot you study guide or questions to ponder as you read. Hope to see you back in the gloom sooner rather than later.

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