Mr. Miyagi’s Maul

Mr. Miyagi’s Maul

24 men rolled out to The Maul ready to take on the unexpected beat down by a first time Q.

The Thang

SSH: 25 – slow so the rookie Q could count

Slow Squat : 10 – I’m a fan of good form

Merkin: 10 – See above

Stay in the circle for leg burns

Squat Jack: 10

Squat Punches (Aptly renamed to Miyagis by TR.  Add it to the lexicon): 10-20

3X: I may have increased the number as we went along


Catch a Movie:

3 station 3 times through

  1. Wall walks/balls to the wall walks
  2. Plank Jacks: 20
  3. Tuck Jumps: 10 – jump high land softly

Indian Run to Target

Round Robin of Merkins

3X Diamond – Carolina Dry Docks – Alternating leg up

Amounts are foggy

slow short mosey to the loading docks

Partner up for sprints and abs

Sprint to 1st speed bump, partner does bicycles


Sprint to 2nd, partner does mason twists


Sprint to 1st, partner does flutter


Sprint to 2nd partner does 6′


mosey – with some backpedaling

Wall sit


Run up LSD Hill 10 burpees, back down 3X

Moleskin: Thanks for the patience and support of the 23 men who endured The Maul.  The circle with jump squats followed by Miyagis left our legs burning.  It wasn’t easy to mosey after that.  Our wall work had a lot of chatter which I can only assume means I didn’t make it challenging enough.  Everyone did well and looked strong during all 3 sets.  The Indian run was where the rookie Q was exposed.  I should have heeded a senior Q’s advice and broken the group into 2, as a result we sloppily worked our way down to Target.  Sorry boys, that’s all on me.  I think the round robin of merkins that followed may have sealed my fate as a one hit wonder Q.  I heard grumbling that sounded like “let’s throw the mic in a bathtub”.  I will however work on my counts if there is a next time.  The ab/sprint work that followed had a lot of pax pushing each other and LSD hill was a great finisher.

My apologies to the 3 or 4 names I didn’t get correctly.  If anyone can clarify them please do.

Overall great work today and again thanks.

Mic Check



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11 years ago

Great Q Mic Check. T-claps to you for stepping up to lead after just a month as part of the pax in F3Nation. One-hit wonder – no way!
One of the missing pax which you had as illegible free? = Bumble Bee. He was next to me in the COT and well ahead of me on the runs.
Also – strong work by Mighty Mite and Spaceballs….hard for me to remember my 20’s. Excited about how The Maul is up & running! Good work to all the pax – Aye!

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