Base Camp – Fireman Ed takes the lead

Base Camp – Fireman Ed takes the lead

Fireman Ed took the lead as we audibled the entire plan due to the number and fitness level of the PAX, that being two, YHC and Fireman Ed (who despite the downpour still ran to and from the workout).

Jog to teachers parking lot:

SSH x 25

Merkins x 10

Fast SSH x 10

Squats x 10

CDD x 15

IW x 20

Fireman Ed leading the second half of the COP

Audible by Fireman Ed, jog to park (took the road, too many stories of fabled but non existent short cuts and given the rain we ran the road way) ~1 mile

Playground equipment to do 10 x pull ups, 10 x merkins, 20 x squats, run a lap of the parking lot repeato x 3

mosey to hill, run short burpee ladder hill to 3, mosey to road, jog back to school

where we planned to do Mary but realized that we had run out of time so straight to COT

Counting off goes pretty quickly when there is only 2 PAX, remembering Cottonmouth and Coal Miners Daughter in prayer.

Great work today by Fireman Ed, taking the lead in prep for his first official Q (likely Stonehenge, but we’ll get him to do a Base Camp in the near future I’m sure).  Had fun in the rain and by the time we finished so had the rain.  Who cares this is F3 and we don’t stop for no stinkin rain, if it isn’t hard it isn’t worth it.

Apparently the rest of the PAX took Tiger Rag’s usual advice and didn’t show up, many smelly fart sacks out there no doubt but at least I had Fireman Ed to push YHC pretty hard.  Great 2nd F as well, the rest of you lost out.

See more of you in the gloom next week I’m sure…

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Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor
10 years ago

what happened to everyone today? it is just rain, you won’t melt. great work Fireman Ed – kills me to have missed your first Q.

10 years ago

Sorry to have missed your first Q Fireman Ed.

10 years ago

Well done guys. Just glad to see you avoided doing partner carries given that it was just the two of you in the gloom.

10 years ago

nice work Fireman Ed. Impressive post in the rainy gloom. You two should have done South Cackalacky RR – that would have been interesting.

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