Pick Your Poison

Pick Your Poison

Eighteen pax proved, for the second day in a row, that you don’t have to travel far to experience infarction-like sensations.

WARM UP (Courtesy of Dora.  #starfish)

  • Mosey to Warm Up Spot
  • SSH x 25
  • I Wokkas x 25
  • Merkins x 15
  • Squats x 15
  • Start mosey back to plates and hill
  • Lung walk approx 75 yards to get legs nice and loose.


Line up 2 or 3 deep behind a plate for #hairburners.

  • Hairburners, Round 1: 30 yards and back.  Repeat until all 2-pax teams go 3 times, and 3 pax teams go twice.  Merkins and flutters while we you wait.
  • Hill Work, Round 1:  Hill sprint / backwards sprint / karaoke left / karaoke right / bounding sprint
  • Hairburners, Round 2.  Same as Round 1
  • Hill Work, Round 2: Hill Sprint x 2 / backwards sprint x 2 / karaoke L,R x 2 (**) / bounding sprint x 2 (**)
  • Inch Worms x 10 yards and back.  Various Mary while waiting.
  • Pax Choice–More Hill Work:  walking lunge / backwards lunge / hill sprint–all you got–x 3
  • Hairburners, Round 3:  2 more times for all pax, x 30 yards and back.



  • Groans from assorted Pax when the plates came out. Purposely waited until 0529 to show my hand lest anyone have a crisis of conscience and bug out.  It was either Patton or Lombardi (or both) who said, Hairburners make cowards of us all.  Or something like that.
  • Lesson learned on from last week’s Massacre on Steep Dewy Hill.  Less Steep, Dewy Hill works much better.  Is that the LSD hill, you say?  Could be….
  • Why is it that we are compelled to name hills anyway?  Not unlike Adam in asserting dominion over creation and naming the animals….  #federalheadship  #roguetheology
  • Don’t look now, fellas, but Mic Check is all up in it.  Has he missed a workout since he was EH’d?  He was the only one to come back for more after yesterday’s aggravated battery at Skunk.
  • Lots of Kryptonite in those plates.  Reports of baby birds being fed, but didn’t see, hear or smell, so cannot confirm.
  • Haggis is #whiskeydicking around the twitter-verse.  Go mock him here @Haggis_F3 before he figures out how to fight back.
  • Uncle Leo:  6′-8″ with the afro.

(**) Indicates fuzzy recollection of doing something along these lines, if not exactly the thing listed.

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10 years ago

sorry I missed….sort of.
Think The Maul has the makings of a great workout site and crew! Nice work fellas.

10 years ago

Are girl goggles required for this new workout?

10 years ago

From what I hear, girl goggles are a requirement for workouts hosted by TR. You don’t want to shoot your eye out right! That and you must wait 90 minutes prior to getting into the pool (aka the gloom) after sleeping to prevent cramping.


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