For Those Who Came To The Rock – I Salute You!

For Those Who Came To The Rock – I Salute You!

25 pax posting for the Area51 mini convergence (the rest of the pax putting in a strong showing at the USMC Mud Run, made us proud), with our Fort Mill friends so strong they carried on as per usual.  Unusually quiet at the start, owing to some overdue 2nd F amongst the 3 converging workouts.  Of course when Market Timer and Zip-A-Dee posted that changed, well done brothers.  No more wasting time with this crew and we were off to the soccer fields:

Circle up for:

Merkins x 10 – what?  who starts with Merkins? Grumblechatter #Callaway

IW x 26

CDD x 20

Squats x 25

SSH x 40 (Callaway was right again with the world, closure was had)

Merkins x 10

Sprint to end of field and back

Partner up for:

Partner carry to end of field and jog back, flapjack

Partner squats x 10 jog to end of field, flapjack

High knees x 20 each leg and x 15 for both

Partner feet on shoulders for 10 merkins, flapjack and repeato

Wheelbarrow to other side of field, jog back, flapjack

Jog to washroom area and with partner:

People’s chair while partner does 30 dips, flapjack and repeato

Over to Bulldog for the hard part:

Over to the hill at the edge of the soccer fields for more partner work

Partner A on the exercise, partner b up and down the hill, flapjack until reps complete, plank when done:

30 Diamond merkins

25 Turkish gets ups (Bulldog to demonstrate and made look easy but most did LBC’s as they weren’t fooled) or 80 LBC’s (so far so good…)

30 Burpees (oh wait, now we’re working)

Jog to playground for round robin – 2 sets

Station 1: LBC’s x 20

Station 2: Decline merkins with feet on the swing seats x 20

Station 3: Pull ups on the other swing set x 20

Working in the sand making some additional work out of the sets

A little plank work at the end for good measure

Back to parking area for a visit from MARY:

Rosalitas x 25

High Flutters x 20, after giggling could be heard in the distance by girl scouts, Bulldog made the call to more manly looking Mary work…well done sir

Dollys x 25

Flutters x 20

Calls for hold it in between by many pax and adhered to by most


Great effort by the PAX, good mummblechatter after the quiet start, many comments heard about being glad there wasn’t much running, will try harder next time.  Good 2nd F with many partnering with someone from another workout, great work by the 2.0’s partnering, turns out they had played football with each other 3 years ago and hadn’t seen each other since, F3 bringing people together.  Strong effort by some seriously determined pax, Briquette looking strong, Callaway with the strong mumblechatter and Zip-A-Dee with the errant counting to see if the Q had enough O2 to keep the right count. Swiss Miss with the perma grin even as he says he’s getting tired (didn’t look like it brother).  Merlot was but a fine second from being spilled, innocent to remain nameless but way to leave the effort on the field!

Great to workout with broad range of pax today and was a special honour for YHC to Q at the Rock for the first time as this was my first 3 posts at F3, where I started my fitness journey, a special shout out to many who have inspired me along the way: Runstopper, Mall Cop, Stone Cold, Shore, Dora, Bugeater, 49er, Bulldog, Haggis, Skywalker, Donkey Kong, Hops, SMASH, Thin Crust, Dolphin, and many others I know I’m forgetting (forgive me), yes it’s a lot of men, that’s what makes F3 so strong, always someone to give a push (mostly figuratively but Shore at the Go Ruck almost carried me the last pole run with one arm, STRONG!) and keep the motivation up.  I can’t thank you all enough.

Great ball o’ man prayer by Callaway to keep our Mud Run brothers in prayer for safety and flight of feet (way to go on the Area 51 representation!) and take us into the coffeteria…

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High Tide
11 years ago

Good Q today, Strange Brew and Bulldog! Thanks for pushing us and challenging us with different stuff! Shout out to my partner, Hammer, for carrying me, figuratively and literally, through some of the tougher parts. Keep up the good work, all!

11 years ago

Brew mate you are an inspiration to us all. Still amazed by you during the Go Ruck Challenge pulling a 12 hour shift on one arm!!! You are a great leader and a well respected member for the F3 nation. Aye (or should it be eh!)

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