Addition By Division

Addition By Division

Twenty six big, hairy American winning machines layeth the smacketh down at Area 51’s newest workout, The Maul (even though we are meeting at a power center, not a mall…just play along).


  • Mosey to the parking lot (one of just a few paved spaces in our new digs)
  • SSH x 20
  • I-Walker x 20
  • Slow-Mo Squats x 25
  • Perfect Merkins x 10
  • Mosey to wall (good morning to Matlock, passing in the Benz)


  • 11’s:  Wall Jumps / Dips
  • Walking plank around portion of fountain.  Left, then Right.
  • 50/50’s:  50 yard sprint/10 merkins, repeato up to 50 merkins
  • Mosey to loading dock, U-Turn so as not to rouse the #SleepingTrucker.  Sweet dreams, Rubber Duck. Mosey to dew-covered, steep hill at back of theater.
  • Let us contemplate steep hill with a 2 minute People’s Chair
  • Old School Jacob’s Ladder:  1-7 burpees.
  • Abort Old School Jacob’s Ladder.  Men down!  Abort!  Back to loading dock in silent mode, like a Prius in space.
  • Speed Bump Burpees.  Sprint to Speed Bump, 5 burpees.  Six speed bumps.
  • Circle up and hold 6″ waiting for Mary.


  • Low/Slow Flutter x 15
  • Slow Dolly x 15
  • Slow Rosalita x 16
  • One legged flutter dolly x 10L
  • Other-legged flutter dolly x 11
  • LBC x 16 (legs at 90 degrees, uncrossed)


  • Speed Bump Mosey Sprints:  mosey to 1st bump, All You Got to 2nd, mosey to 3rd, AYG to 4th, repeat.
  • Plank to regroup
  • Mosey back to start
  • Test run of next week’s hill x 1 (Success)



  • F3 is free, but not cheap.  It costs you sleep.  It costs you comfort.  It costs you pride (but builds it at the same time).  And despite that–or perhaps, more accurately, BECAUSE of it–twenty six men gather to run around in the Target parking lot.  You wouldn’t come if it wasn’t hard.  This is a good thing.
  • 3x Claps to all who supported the new effort.  Last week’s count at DV was 50.  This week’s Wednesday counts at 59.  Addition by Division.
  • More Russian chauffeurs spotted at A51.  Thanks to Peekup Andropov for hauling the 2.0’s, Infield and Manners, to and from the workout.  Perhaps sensing a emotional car-jacking, Andropov peeled out of there on two wheels.  Come join us next time.  It’s free….
  • Trending: Open Pit Action (OPA) shirts.  Baracus yesterday, Brown today.  Pose Down Season approaching.
  • Radar must have spiked the Grape Ne-Hi with some 5 hour energy.  Killing it on the Speed Bump Sprints.
  • Most were secretly hoping to see someone go in the fountain during the 11’s.  Some not so secretly hoping.  Agree with Sprague–those walls were not regulation (though not as bad as C-Rock).
  • Welcome to (yet another) Bananas EH: FNG Strawberry (last name Fields).  Your lifelong dream of doing sprints in a loading dock have been fulfilled.


  • HDHH at 1800 – 1930 at Vintner’s Wine Market at Arb.
  • A51 Convergence at The Rock Saturday, 0700 – 0800.  NO WORKOUTS at Stonehenge or Area 51 (McKee) on Saturday due to Mud Run.

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11 years ago

Great numbers for a soft-launch, or any launch for that matter. Way to go Rag. And maybe we can form a partnership with Target, to purchase OPA shirts at a discounted price?

Mall Cop
Mall Cop
11 years ago

Great turn-out for the expansion & great job TR. It’s always fun scoping a new AO out to see what you’ve got. That back hill behing the movie theater could almost rival North Face, except it has an almost 90 degree drop off at the bottom. Just ask Hops about that hill!

One of your “ILLEGIBLE” pax is Dora as he posted at The Maul.

11 years ago

Just glad I did not pull a tumbler. That could have put a decided hitch in my giddyup for the mud run

11 years ago

This workout looks like a breeze especially compared with 49ers Gopher at DV today and also the last soft launch of Red Eye. Chest to chest partner carries and merkins on your partners knees while he does the people’s chair may have made this a little tougher. Good luck with trying to compete with one of the best Q’s I’ve seen in a while from 49er at DV…

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