Can’t… Lift… My… Arms…

  • When:04/19/13
  • QIC: Escargot
  • The PAX: Dora, Boomer, Purple Haze, Jamboree, Space Balls, Cane, Brisket, Hops, Crab Cakes, Market Timer, Eye Chart, RunStopper, FNG- Duaber, Mermaid, Alma Madder, Mic Check, Escargot, Missing One Somehow. Call out in the comments and I will add you.

Can’t… Lift… My… Arms…

The Thang:

Jog to the warm up lot.

SSHs x30

Squats x20

Merkins x15


Jog to the front picnic tables, partner up.

Torso raises x10 each 3 times.


Jog to the rear entrance.

Circuit: Wall Walk, Bear Crawl up ramp, Donkey Kicks x10 Lunge Walk to the steps. (4 times)


Jog to the pit.

Sprint down and back stopping for Knee Ups x10 at each marker.

Plank when finished.

Rinse and repeat with Merkins x10 at each stop.

Plank when finished.

Rinse and repeat with Squats x5 at each stop.

Plank when finished.


Finish up with some Mary

Flutter x25 HOLD

Rosalita x20

LBC x25

Imperial Walker x30

Recovery! Jog back for COT


Mole Skin:

  • Great work today brothers!
  • Big fan of the wall walkers, we will see those again soon. AYE!
  • Welcome back Cane, Mermaid, and Alma Matter.
  • Welcome FNG Dauber!  It was journey to get to “Dauber”, but the important thing is we got there.
  • 3rd F workout starting May 10th after the Centurion and Kevlar at Chick-Fil-A (Arboretum).
  • Keep applying the headlocks brothers!  The Centurion Pax is getting strong!
  • Thoughts and prayers for those affected by all of the tragedies this week.

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11 years ago

That was a serious downPainment brother. T-claps to Escargot. Such a simple one-line description for the wall walk circuit, yet so stinkin’ painful. Good crew out there today.
BTW – pretty sure Brisket is Briquette (as in Kingsford). Do I hear a 2nd for a name change to Kingsford? Not sure who we’re missing among the pax list?

11 years ago

It looks so small when you write it down. You can say this about Escargot…he delivers huge beatdowns in tiny packages. Wall walks…Argggh, I mean, Aye!!! #feba

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