Storms don’t suck

  • When:04/12/2013
  • QIC: Bulldog
  • The PAX: Ice T, Bulldog, Tiger Rag, Joker, Young Love, Crab Cake, Cottontail, Snowflake (WD), Busch, Zip-A-Dee, Brown, Lost Weekend & Hops (LIFO), 49er, Harley

Storms don’t suck

‘Your chances of getting struck by lightning go up if you stand under a tree, shake your fist at the sky, and say “Storms suck!” – Johnny Carson

When your workout buddy texts you at 4:38 am with “this might be too much gloom for me” and as the lightning cracked and the rain came in sideways there is a decision to make…Do we call the thing off and fartsack (Bananas) or do we make the most of what we are given? My response was “I wouldn’t be going if I didn’t have to…” and with that we met at the cul de sac as usual. I waited for Ice T outside his house and saw him back out of the driveway only to hear a sickening crunch of his Yukon smashing into his visiting relatives car. Could have been another good excuse to stay put but we trudged on making our usual predictions on numbers – “4 maybe 6, if the clown car comes I’m calling 8!” Both of us were way off as 15 tough mudders showed up for a worthwhile sweatfest at CDS.

Mosey to lower lot and dodge Hops and Lost Weekend going 60 mph.
SSH x 20
IW x 25
Merkins x 15
Peter Parkers or Parker Peters x 20
MC’s x 20
Right arm high
Left arm high
Six inches

Hills and partner up

Partner 1 – Burpees, Partner 2 – sprint. Flapjack. Combine for 50 burpees.

Partner 1 – Split jumps, Partner 2 – sprint. Flapjack. Combine for 100 jumps.

Partner 1 – Diamond push ups, Partner 2 – sprint. Flapjack. Combine for 50 diamonds.

Partner 1 – Turkish get ups, Partner 2 – sprint. Flapjack. Combine for 50 err 30 get ups (audible.)

Partner 1 – Manmaker push ups, Partner 2 – sprint. Flapjack. Combine for 50 manmakers.

Partner 1 – J Lo’s , Partner 2 – sprint. Flapjack. Combine for 100 J Lo’s.

Mosey to Lower School

Pain Station 1 – incline push ups on bench with shoulder taps

Pain Station 2 – two footed jump ups

Pain Station 3 – 15 burpees


Pain Station 1 – tri dips on bench

Pain Station 2 – one footed step ups

Pain Station 3 – 10 one legged burpees

Staggered all out sprint to flag pole in three groups – Clydesdales, Ponies, Mustangs. Lost Weekend with gold.


Clydesdales – 8 burpeees, Ponies – 10 burpees, Mustangs – 15 burpees.


Much confusion this morning as to whether “West Side” Centurion was a go and “East Side” Kevlar benefitted with the appearance of Hops and Lost Weekend nearly mowing down the pax as they sped in late for the workout. Surprising to see so many pax go against the advice of the M’s and launching out into the stormy conditions. Great to see Joker and 49er venture out today.
Combined partner exercise count on the hills is becoming a crowd favorite. Lots of encouragement as guys knocked out reps to give the partner work on the hills some respite. Pain stations were tough going with the 1 legged burpee making a rare appearance and Crab Cake struggling with the coordination of it all only to then pump out 10 for his group.
Staggered wind sprints to the flag pole saw a major sandbagger with Lost Weekend stating he was a Clydesdale only to show Mustang-like speed to leave us all for dead. Finish off with Mary’s at the school with Tiger Rag still harping on about form and technique despite him throwing out his back on Tuesday because a of a lack of both. Don’t Q what you can’t do right?
Burpee blast at the end was a good finish to a hard workout with all the lads showing guts and finishing strong. Thanks for coming out.


Saturday workouts as scheduled.
Keep lifting up Cottontails daughter Emily as she fights off breathing problems.
Workout gear collection for Charlotte Rescue Mission in next week. All donations get up with Mall Cop or Q.
One thing not mentioned was that starting May 10th Stone Cold and Bulldog will be a leading a 3rd F book study right after Kevlar/Centurion at Chic Fil A Arboretum based on the book “The True Measure of a Man” by R E Simmons from 6:30-7:15 am. Let us know if you are interested.
Have a great weekend!

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10 years ago

Glad I decided to get up and attend Kevlar. Shoulders are still hurting and there is no easy way to.coordinate a 1legged burpee. Great dish out in the muggy gloom.

10 years ago

Good stuff Bulldog. T-claps to Busch as well for his crazy speed in the sprint. More props to Lost Weekend as it was his first post in 2 weeks after trip to Bulldog’s homeland for Spring break.
Centurion vs Kevlar indecision + MallCop fartsack = Matlock-like arrival.

Mall Cop
Reply to  Hops
10 years ago

This morning was a true alarm malfunction, I had it set before going to sleep! Time for a new alarm since this is the second time this week it hasn’t gone off correctly. Hate I missed the beat down Bulldog! I guess I also owe Bug Eater an apology for calling him a yellow bellie for never posting on Fridays since I missed this morning and to Hops who drove by my house in the hood to pick me up!

Looking forward to put everybody through a Mud Run prep workout tomorrow at The Rock. We will launch from our usual spot at normal time at 7:00, but double downers from Stonehenge should drive straight to McAlpine Elementary since we are running straight their for the majority of the workout.

10 years ago

Great workout today Bulldog. Glad I finally made it out to first Kevlar workout on my third attempt. Well worth the wake up call. I’ll be back!

10 years ago

Hops —- I ran at daybreak — in the sleet, freezing rain and on icy roads. And there was nobody checking their watches and shaking their heads!

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