A Celebration of Higher Temperatures

  • When:04/11/13
  • QIC: The Shore, 49er
  • The PAX: The Shore, 49er, Sprague, Stone Cold, Stage Coach, Ivan Johnson(FNG)

A Celebration of Higher Temperatures

The Thang:

We hit the woodsy hill this morning (about a mile loop with a big hill in the middle). But to celebrate the the 61 degrees at 5:30 this morning, at the top of the hill, we did 61 exercises. Some chose push-ups, some chose squats, and some may have even skipped a few reps on the last loop (you know who you are). No one, however, chose burpees.


It was a warm day out there for hard work. I did not bring my towel for the car after the workout thinking I was not going to get dirty. I had not considered sweating into the equation. Looks like its time to reconsider that one.

Sprague and 49er were the early risers, working in 5 loops on the hill. They also set the pace out there and sped past the rest of us at one point.

Welcome to Ivan Johnson to Area 51. EH’d by High Tide earlier this week. Too many directions to go for a nickname had us all stumbling and scratching our heads. Looks like Ivan is going to have to commit to a second run before earning his handle.

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Stone Cold
11 years ago

AYE! love the warm mornings. that Hill really sucks the wind out of you. I think it needs a name? Sprague is a machine. Welcome to Ivan. Mud Run training in full effect at DT, come on out gents.

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