Unsavory Birthday Bash!!

  • When:04/10/13
  • QIC: Cheese Curd, Stagecoach
  • The PAX: Mall Cop, Countertop, Market Timer, Header, Section 8, Skywalker, Bananas, Salt Lick, Fireman Ed, Haggis, Ice T, Rhapsody, Tumbler, Coal Miner’s Daughter, Stone Cold, Brown, Space Balls (FNG – B. Schwartz), Mic Check, Psycho T, Seattle Slew, Wingman, DD, Spackler, Thin Crust, Banjo (FNG – J. Grant), Wolfman, Far Side, Bulldog, Donkey Kong, Zip-a-dee, Pinstripes, Cheese Curd, Stagecoach, missing 2…please sound off in comments

Unsavory Birthday Bash!!

There’s nothing like 35 brothers getting after it in the pre-dawn hours.  The shovel flag was firmly planted, and then Cheese Curd and Stagecoach delivered the PAIN.         

From CC:  “Thanks for celebrating my b-day in the gloom.  It was a pleasure to get the day started with you all!”


  • Jog (with a slight “Dolphin” dash) around parking lot and what I thought was a grassy area (watch out for potholes)


  • SSH x 37
  • Imperial Walker x 37

Jog to base of stairs near baseball field for partner wheel barrel up the steps.  Just 1 time thru for each partner.  We have other cool stuff to get to.

Say goodbye to your partner and split into two groups: group 1 with Cheese Curd, group 2 with Stagecoach (start with sprints).  No flapjacks half way thru this time…stay with your QIC for entire workout.

Obstacle Work:

Mosey to baseball fields

First Circuit x 2

  1. Rails hops (all the way to the bottom)
  2. Dips x20
  3. Bunny Hops

Second Circuit x2

  1. Stadium bleacher cross-over to the right (picture decline merkin plank moving from end to end on the bleacher)
  2. Squats x30
  3. Stadium bleacher cross-over to the left

Third Circuit- Bleacher Obstacle  

  1. Crest the rear of the bleacher and 10 decline merkins
  2. Rinse and repeat

Plank in between circuits until all PAX is done.


Sprinting and Core:

Mosey to football/futball (as Bulldog would say) field and line up at one end

Stagecoach’s group:

  • Sprint 200 yards, then 20 LBC’s
  • Sprint 200 yards, then 20 Dolly
  • Sprint 200 yards, then 20 Bicycles
  • Sprint 200 yards, then 20 Parker Peter’s

Cheese Curd’s group:

  • 100 yard sprint, LBC’s-37
  • 200 yard sprint, Dying Cockroaches-37
  • 100 yard sprint, Bicycles-37

Thankfully no more sprinting


Hill Work:

Mosey to the hill for 11’s:

1 Merkin at bottom of hill, then 10 Jump Squats at top of hill

2 Merkins at bottom, 9 Jump Squats at top

You get the idea.

Audible:  Stagecoach saved his group from this misery about 75% of the way thru so we could stay on schedule.


Other audibles: 

  • CC’s group got in wall plank peter parkers, People’s Chair, J-Lo’s and bicycles (37 of course)
  • SC’s group worked in wall planks, wall mountain climbers and people’s chair as extras


Entire group came back together for COT


  • It was great to have Cheese Curd Q on his 37th birthday.
  • QIC’s tried to do some obstacle work this AM, so we tried a couple new things with the bleachers, hope you liked them.
  • On the obstacles, Psycho T was apparently thinking back to his days of jumping over offensive linemen.  #destroytheqb
  • We contemplated whether we should do 1 or 2 trips of partner wheelbarrows up the stairs.  We stuck with 1, however I think it was #crowdpleaser, so we’ll do a few more next time!
  • Pretty quiet group today once we got moving…must have been the O2 deprivation.
  • There were suggestions and gift offerings of 37 burpees.  Sounds like Bulldog still owes CC some burpees!


  • HDHH tonight – 6 pm at Vintner Wine Market at Arboretum
  • Devils Turn on Thursday – 5:15 for 6 miles, 5:30 for 4 miles
  • Kevlar workout on Friday – Covenant Day, 5:30
  • Centurion workout on Friday – Charlotte Catholic High School, 5:30
  • Saturday workouts on normal schedule. 
  • Mall Cop and Hops will be leading a mud run training workout at the Rock on Saturday.  Part of it will be off-campus, so don’t be late!
  • Only 2 ½ weeks until go time for the #leatherneckmudrun

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Stone Cold
11 years ago

A great birthday workout. Happy B-day to Curd! Just an observation from working out beside the beast of a man we call Psycho T, his bunny hops are more like the Hulk jumping from building to building. He leaped up the entire flight of stairs just about each time. #avengerstrength Also, a super powerful communicator with the Man upstairs. thanks for prayer, Psycho T!

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