Warmth, KBs, and Runs= Sweat!

Warmth, KBs, and Runs= Sweat!

Shovel Flag was firmly planted and 27 strong men rolled out into the (finally) warm morning for some Skunk Works downpainment.

The Thang:

Warmup lap around track

SSH x 20

IW x 20

Merkin x 20

Mosey to Church- stack ’em, swithc as needed

Two handed swing x 20

KB plank row x 10 each arm

Snatch to overheadpress x 10 each

Run around Church- plank

Figure 8 with twist x 10 each side

Uneven merkins on kb x 10 each

KB Burpees x 10

Run around Church- plank

Goblet squat x 20

Good Morning x 15

Sumo deadlift x 10

Run around Church- plank

KB crunch with leg raise x 10

Seated Halo x 10

Around the world x 20

Quick feet x 60 sec.

Run around the Church- plank-a-rama

KB Burpees x 10

Mosey back to Parking lot- KB curls on the way

Two hand KB swing x 20

Louganis x 20

Mason Twist x 20



A warmer morning with the KBs and some running will definitely soak the shirts.  Glad to have the nice weather and not have to layer up with long sleeves, hats, and gloves.

T-claps to Dolphin, the running machine, who trotted 10 miles to get there this am before the workout.  Strong!

YHC was trying to work in a few new KB exercises to mix it up with some of the ol favorites.  KB Burpees #crowdpleaser

Yankee- watch those toes- Around the World got away from him just a little.  Crater in the parking lot.

Worked in the quick feet for the kickball boys- Header and Bulldog made it look easy.  #riverdance

Strong wheels by the whole pax today running around the church.  We never had to plank for very long.

KBs are a great workout, fellas.  Just remember to keep good form, engage the core, don’t bend the back and all will be well.  TR is watching you….and is there to help.

Whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord. — Colossians 3:23



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11 years ago

Great Q Stone Cold. KB burpees and Louganis and Mason Twist to end it were especially painful. First morning in months where the heat was a factor.

T-claps to Brown who went flying by on the run around the church despite the ailing IT-band.

Who’s up for a 10-mile warmup run and 10-mile cool down run with Dolphin next week? #notrightinthehead

11 years ago

T-claps to Radar is what I meant, not Brown.

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