Donkey Kong vs The FNG Takeover

  • When:3/30/13
  • QIC: Mall Cop & Donkey Kong
  • The PAX: Hacker, Salt Lick, Galloping Ghost, Haggins Hops, FNG - Barqs (Hops 2.0), Ice T, Purple Haze, Tiger Rag (Double Down), Strange Brew (Double Down), Harley, FNG - Sidecar (Harley 2.0), Greg Busse - FNG (Moon River), Skywalker, Stage Coach, FNG - Dan-O (Stage Coach 2.0), Bananas, FNG - Hot Shot (Bananas 2.0), Header, FNG - Crossbar (Header 2.0), Chuck-E-Cheese, FNG - Laser Beam (Chuck-E-Cheese 2.0), Escargot, Big League Chew, Hammer, Baked Beans, Brian Sullivan - FNG (Duff), Evan Wilkoff - FNG (Goon), Bulldog, Donkey Kong, Mall Cop

Donkey Kong vs The FNG Takeover



31 pax, including 9 FNGs (yes that is 9!) start the day off right at The Rock for a little leg work mixed in with a couple of burpees!


The Thang:


Mall Cop Lead:

Jog around the church parking lot and circle up for COP all in cadence:

SSH x 30

Imperial Wokkah x 25

Squat x 20

Slow Perkins (perfect Merkins) x 10

Lunge Walk 30 yds, then mosey to baseball outfield and partner up (size does matter) for:

Partner Piggy Back Squats x 10, Flap Jack

Partner Plank Decline Merkins x 10, Flap Jack

Repeato for both

Prarie Fire Mary – Partner Leg Throws x 30 Right, Left, Center

Lunge Walk, Backwards Run, Karaoke Left, Karaoke Right across parking lot to picnic table benches for:

4 Sets of Step-ups x 15, Squats x 15, LBCs x 15.

One more set of Squats x 40, then handoff to DK.


Donkey Kong Lead:

Run around drainage levy X2
Run to field and line up for field work: (Regular, Elbows, and Left and Right Arm High Planks in between each exercise)
10 Burpees
20 Mountain Climbers
10 Burpees
50yrd Bear Crawl across field
10 Burpees
50yrd Crab Crawl across field
10 Burpees
50yrd Flip-Flop (Rolling) Merkins across the field
10 Burpees
20 Flutter Kicks with a 10-count hold
10 Burpees
50yrd 1-legged Bear Crawl across field
10 Burpees
50yrd Partner Carry across field
10 Burpees
50yrd Partner Carry across field
10 Burpees
50yrd Low Crawl across field
10 Burpees
50yrd Backwards Run across field
10 Burpees
(Total Burpees = 110)
Slow mosey to the picnic shelter for 1 minute of the People’s Chair with hands above the head.
Run back to parking lot for COP.
  • Another great day at The Rock with 9 FNGs, 6 sons (2.0s) and 3 strong and brave men!  Welcome brothers, today was what F3 is all about.  Great 1st F workout, much 2nd F Fellowship with many guys cheering each other on, and a great prayer to close out the morning prior to coffeetiria.  The men of The Rock are showing great leadership and setting a great example to our sons and families.  What an awesome site to see our younger men embracing the workout and giving it their all.  You boys did a great job and we look forward to seeing Sidecar, Dan-O, Barqs, Hot Shot, Crossbar, and Laser Beam out in the gloom again!  A special welcome to our Adult FNGs Duff, Goon, and Moon River.  We are glad you came out and look forward to you making many more downPAINments on  the day with us on a regular basis!
  • YHC (Your Humble Correspondent) talked with DK last night to make a plan for the workout.  I wanted DK to lead whatever he wanted as this was going to be his morning.  After hearing what he had planned YHC decided to go a little easier on the first half of the workout, however I just walked down my stairs prior to typing this out and think the leg work accomplished what it was supposed to!  Can you say sore tomorrow!  We’ve done 100 burpees in a workout before, but 110 in a 30 minute period mixed in with so many pain stations in between caused many Unsavory and FEBA calls today!  Nice job Donkey Kong on a solid lead.  We look forward to you leading many more workouts at The Rock!
  • Namarama was once again classic with Chuck-E Cheese 2.0 being named Laser Beam!  Sorry brother but you can’t rename yourself!  And its always cool to see a nick name develop from a classic comedy like Fletch.  I’m sure Moon River is a great Intern, but I’m not sure I would want to see him for my next checkup, #sausagefingers!
  • Hope everyone has a Blessed Easter Weekend as we reflect on the love and grace that our Savior showed almost 2,000 years ago.  The only perfect and righteous man to ever step foot on earth willingly gave his life so that sinners like you and me can be seen as righteous in the eyes of our Father, if we profess to believe!

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11 years ago

Great Q by Mall Cop and DK. Barqs loved it and so did his old man. 110 burpees….brutal.

He is risen!

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