Kevlar – Jack Webb with a 6 pack twist

  • When:03/29/2013
  • QIC: Bulldog
  • The PAX: Brown, PETA, Yankee, Geraldo, Bananas, Ice T, Countertop, Bulldog (Q), Young Love, Strikeout, Spielberg, Stone Cold, Abacus, Spackler, Cottontail, Crabcake, Good Hands, Stagecoach, Lobster Tail (Scott Willis - FNG), Aerosmith (Tyler Steven Voss - FNG), missing one, please speak up below

Kevlar – Jack Webb with a 6 pack twist


21 pax including two FNG’s (Scott Willis – Lobstertail and Tyler Steven Voss – Aerosmith) arrived at CDS read for a good beatdown on Good Friday. The tires glistened in the morning frost and as appetizing as they looked they were not needed for today’s downpainment.

Jog to base of hill
SSH x 25
Speed skaters x 10 each leg (Stagecoach fell over twice)
Merkin x 15
Parker Peters x 15
Right arm high
Left arm high
Mission impossible

Partner up
1 partner sprints other does burpees and flap jack. 50 burpees needed between pair.
Repeato with Spartan burpees x 40.
Bearkins (bear crawl with merkin each 3 steps) up hill and sprint down, partner goes.
Sprint up, bearkins down (face down if feeling tough, feet down if not waiting to tear rotator cuff)

Mosey to pain stations and three groups)
1) 15 burpees (call switch when someone from group completes 15)
2) tricep dips on bench
3) two footed jumps on bench

Sprint all out to top parking lot (not done yet)

Jack Webbs up to 11 with LBC’s instead of shoulder presses.


A tough workout today for all 21 pax as we hopefully saw off Old Man Winter and the freezing temps. Speed skater warm ups were interesting challenge for some of our balance challenged men (Stagecoach) but once through warm ups the real fun began. Q asked pax to find someone of different fitness level so I fought off four lads to get Bananas! The 50 burpee call on the hills was a tough start but it was good seeing guys encouraging their partner. Saw a few sandbaggers taking their sorry time getting to bottom of hill to take over burpee count. Whoever got stuck with Brown knocked out around 47 of the 50. Good going.
Repeato got a few moans as Spartan burpees kicked in and I have to thank Dolphin for the bearkin idea up and down hill.
Pain stations kept us moving and Strikeout’s counting came into question on round one with the 15 burpees. I think he combined his whole groups burpees to then call the switch. After the sprint back to the school many thought the day was done but as we dropped to our knees Jack Webb came a knocking. The LBC’s meant that the spring break six packs should be in fine shape for next week.
Hats off to FNGs Scott Willis (Lobstertail) and Tyler Steven Voss (Aerosmith) for coming out and hanging strong. Great to have you guys join us. Awesome job by all.


Saturday workouts as scheduled with Stonehenge at 6am tomorrow and Area 51 and The Rock at 7am. Coffeteria afterwards at 8am at Starbucks Piper Glen.

Enjoy your Good Friday and Easter weekend. Give thanks for the ultimate downpainment of all.


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11 years ago

Bulldog, I have 2 more feet to go up and back to the ground on my burpees or our counts would have been closer on the tags!! Great work today. 2.0 is making his first post tomorrow with some of the other 2.0s at the rock.

11 years ago

Bulldog, I hate to rain on a group’s naming decision, but we already have an Aerosmith in the Metro Pax. So you might want to go with another option for Mr. Voss…ideas could be Sweet Emotion, Cryin’, Joe Perry, or anything else from the Kevlar pax.

11 years ago

Very nice!

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