Challenge accepted…see you at the finish line!

  • When:03/28/13
  • QIC: 49er
  • The PAX: Purple Haze, Bratwurst, Dolphin, Stagecoach, Donkey Kong, Skywalker, Mall Cop, Strange Brew, Joker, Chum, 49er

Challenge accepted…see you at the finish line!

11 pax posted at Devil’s Turn this morning.  Bratwurst, Dolphin, Purple Haze and YHC  started at 0515 for the 6 mile course; while the remaining pax for the 4 mile course were still arriving.  Since YHC typically runs the 4 miler and seeing that I would be starting a 6 mile run with an Ultra Marathoner and a Boston qualifier I immediately asked  “what pace do you guys typically run…8 minutes??”

Dolphin’s answer…”there’s no way I can run an 8 minute pace today…” 

Great.. then Purple Haze and YHC should be able to keep up.  Purple Haze thought differently and disappear just before the 1 mile marker (nice effort brother!).  Dolphin was right… 1st mile completed in 7.28 and we proceeded to average a 7.30 through 3.5 miles at which point Bratwurst says “I’m going to take a slightly longer route back through the trails and I will try beat you guys to the finish.” 

Challenge accepted! 

YHC enjoyed watching Bratwurst arrive at the finish line 2nd with Dolphin right on his heels. According to YHC’s watch mile  6 was completed in 6.59.  Impressive guys and thanks Bratwurst for the motivation! 

-The 4 mile group seemed pleased with their effort as well and t-claps to Chum for hanging in there till the end.

-Take away from today…If you are going to get up at 0445 then you had better give it all you got out there or else you are just wasting valuable sleep time.  If anyone at Devil’s Turn today did not push themselves to the limit then why did you post!!

Happy Easter and safe journeys to those traveling on spring break.


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11 years ago

That was a lot of fun this AM. I was surprised as anyone that the pace was under 8 minutes. ..must be the F3 effect! That last mile hurt though but it was nice to push the pace with you guys. Solid work by all and great to see Joker out there. Happy Easter brothers!

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