Circle…er, Square Up!

  • When:03/25/13
  • QIC: Salt Lick
  • The PAX: Dora, Tiger Rag, O'Tannenbaum (LIFO), Snowflake (Matrix FNG, WD), Cottontail (LIFO), Dolphin, Salt Lick (Q)

Circle…er, Square Up!

(posted by Dora on behalf of Salt Lick…)

5 pax gathered in the cold, wet Monday Gloom, to be shortly joined by 2 more for another painful dose of…


Jog to track area to warm up

  • Merkinsx20
  • Mountain climbers
  • Welcome Cottontail and O’Tannenbaum
  • SSHx20
  • Arm circles

Mosey to track

  • 4 Corners x 3 laps
  • 20 squats
  • 20 Carolina dry docks
  • 20 Jump lunges (Mary Katherines)
  • 20 merkins

People’s chairx2
Presses x 20

Mosey to playground

  • 10 pull ups
  • 20 dips
  • 30 decline/incline merkins (15 ea)

Rinse and repeatx3


Mosey to quarry, Grab a coupon

  • Curls,
  • presses,
  • swings,
  • concentration curls

Back to parking lot for Mary

  • LBCs
  • Flutter
  • Dolly
  • Bicycles



Naked and Wet Moleskin

Lots of brothers were enjoying their well-deserved #smartsacking after this weekend’s absolute domination of the REEBOK(r)(tm) Spartan Sprint. #T-Claps to all of our warrior brothers. Next up: Leatherneck.

With so many brothers in recovery, The Matrix had it’s record low post count: only 5 soggy pax at go time. When you only have 5 pax, you can’t really “circle up”…it’s more of a…square. Luckily Cottontail and O’Tannenbaum LIFO’d in during warm up and solved our geometrical quandry.

Big welcome to Snowflake, Matrix FNG and War Daddy for today. Great to see you down south, brother; hope you can come back again soon. Tiger Rag and Dolphin had strong leads on the suicides as usual. These guys set a great pace. O’Tannenbaum got some extra credit on the last suicide, blowing right past the first break directly to the second, returning to the second, and still finishing up respectably. O2-deprived? Maybe, but still strong. If Cottontail gets any better at pullups, we’re going to have to go to 20.

Good thing the rain stopped after the workout. We wouldn’t want to run the risk of getting dry. #ReverseCantore


Full week of workouts: Skunk Works tomorrow, Death Valley Wednesday, The Devil’s Turn Thursday, Kevlar and Centurion Friday.

Speaking of Centurion, continue to EH your Ballantyne/Pineville/Carmel-area buddies for this workout. It’s a great location, and Escargot is leading excellent workouts over there. Let’s build this one up as we expand westward.

Continue to keep OLB’s family in your prayers. If you’d like to make a contribution to the childrens’ scholarship fund, see here for details:¬†

Many of our brothers need some lifting up right now for so many reasons. Let’s all take an extra moment to check on one another one-to-one. There’s no shortage of need around you right now.

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11 years ago

Nice job today Salt Lick. Actually felt “dry” compared to Spartan yesterday. Suicides – you were pretty strong yourself.

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