Dragon Baseball

  • When:03/20/13
  • QIC: Baracus, Young Love
  • The PAX: Hops, Mall Cop, Stagecoach, Tiger Rag, Double D’s, Cheese Curd, Dolphin, Sprague, Bugeater, Ice Tea, Fireman Ed, 5 Hole, Good Hands, Callaway, Haggis, Uncle Leo, Salt Lick, Abacus, Lost Weekend, Thin Crust, Wolfman, Bulldog, Bananas, Boutique, Pin Stripes, Stone Cold, Dora, Psycho T, Spielburg, 49er, Header, Coal Miner’s Daughter, Skywalker, The Shore, Baracus, Young Love

Dragon Baseball

Posted on behalf of Baracus and Young Love:

It was a great start to the day…39 brothers getting after it in the pre-dawn hours.  The shovel flag was planted, and then Baracus and Young Love started the PAIN session.         


  • Jog around parking lot and down to football field


  • SSH x 25
  • Imperial Walker x 25
  • Merkins x 20

Split into two groups: group 1 with Young Love, group 2 with Baracus.  Flapjacks half way thru.

Young Love:

Mosey to Baseball Field for Triple Play:

Set 1:

  • 10 supine pull-ups (on rails)
  • 20 dips (on bleachers)
  • Dragon Walk to first base

Set 2:

  • 20 supine pull-ups (on rails)
  • 30 dips (on bleachers)
  • Dragon Walk to first base, Crab Walk to second base

Set 3:

  • 30 supine pull-ups
  • 40 dips
  • Dragon Walk to first base, Crab Walk to second base, Bear Crawl to third base

Plank until all PAX is done.

Mosey to the hill for Jacob’s Ladder with Burpees at top



4 PAIN stations at corners of the track….start at 50 yd line

  • High knees to Station 1 – 20 Mountain climbers
  • Run to Station 2 – 20 Air Squats (with jumps)
  • Run to Station 3 – 20 Peter Parkers
  • Run to Station 4 – Walk-lunge back to starting line
  • Repeato…x4
  • plank when finished

Mosey back to building near parking lot:

  • Peoples chair
  • Wall plank

Entire group came back together for COT


  • Baracus’ virgin Q – only had minor difficulty recalling the names of exercises.  Air squats was the correct name….we’ll save air lunges for next time. 
  • The vets in the PAX were gentle…just having a little fun pretending to be FNGs and needing plenty of demonstrations…must be some kind of test.  I guess I did something right though because the PAX was pretty quiet throughout the workout, save for some groaning and heavy breathing.  I hope the virgin Q lived up to F3 standards. 
  • Name-o-rama was the hardest part for me…missed a few names, so let me just apologize here.  Missing names, sound off in comments below.
  • Many BS calls on the Dragon Walk, all of which came on the first round.  No one was talking on the last 2 rounds.  And this guy makes it look so easy and fun (he lied!):  http://youtu.be/tZaw9YFG6aI
  • Good luck to all who are doing the Spartan Race this weekend!


  • Sad news in F3 nation:  OLB (Terry Pridgen) suffered a heart attack Saturday and passed away on Sunday at the age of 42.  OLB suffered a stroke a few weeks ago and had been recovering in the hospital.  There will be a memorial workout at CORE at Myers Park Traditional on Saturday at 7:00.  There will also be an opportunity to contribute toward an F3 donation to a scholarship fund for his kids.  Please keep the Pridgen family in your prayers.  More details on the website:  http://f3nation.com/2013/03/20/in-memoriam-olb/
  • Prayers for Ray Charles, Joker, Coal Miner’s Daughter, and Matlock
  • HDHH tonight – 6 pm at Vintner Wine Market at Arboretum
  • Devils Turn on Thursday – 5:15 for 6 miles, 5:30 for 4 miles
  • Kevlar workout on Friday – Covenant Day, 5:30
  • Centurion workout on Friday – Charlotte Catholic High School, 5:30
  • Saturday workouts on normal schedule.


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11 years ago

that was painful brothers. Not sure which group got the worst of it?
Baracus + Young Love = painful combo
Young Love + Baracus = painful combo

Good work to both Q’s. Brutal. Loved it! Aye!

11 years ago

Agree with Hops–this was a well-planned, well-executed beat down. Premeditated, in the first-degree.

3x-claps to Baracus on nailing the counting during COP. THAT’s how you do it, future Q’s.

0x-claps to Young Love for that Dragon Walk mess. In addition to being excruciating and pointless, it totally soiled my fleece mittens on the infield dirt.

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