Monkey Joe takes on the Skunk in the downpour!

  • When:03/12/13
  • QIC: Monkey Joe
  • The PAX: Wolfman, Chuck E. Cheese, Mr. Munch (FNG), Bulldog, Dean's List (FNG), Brown, Good Hands, Bananas, Stone Cold, Runstopper, Dolphin, Jamboree, Bugeater, Snowflake, Ice T, Tiger Rag, Dickies, Harley, ??? (one more, sorry, stand and be recognized)

Monkey Joe takes on the Skunk in the downpour!

Monkey Joe, a furry purple monkey, lived on a secret island named Coco-nutty Island. All of the monkeys on the island were different colors and some even had stripes.  Monkey Joe was a very active and healthy monkey who surfed ocean waves, climbed the coconut trees and skateboarded on slate rock.

20 dedicated F3 brothers got out of the fartsack even with the pouring down rain to see what the Skunk had in store for this morning.

The Thang:

Warm up- SSH x 49, Imperial Walker x 49, Good Morning x 10

Stack em and follow MJ to the church parking lot.

Form two groups (outer loop runner, inner loop runners)

Run around the church (4/10th of a mile) x 3

After each lap, complete exercise as follows:

1.  Two handed KB swings x 49

2. Merkins x 49

3.  Goblet squats x 49

4.  KB curls x 49

Plank-a-rama til others are done

Parking lot suicides!

Mary (#’s may be off):

Dolly x 25 (hold em)

Mason Twist x 15

Flutter x 20

LBC x 20

Louganis x 10

Back to home base (stack em) for COT


T-Claps to Monkey Joe for his first Q.  Great job leading us brother.  We’ll harrass you a little with the cadence but it’s all in good fun and encouragement.  Thanks for stepping up.  Everyone is encouraged to Q, just speak up if you would like to lead.

Monkey Joe’s counts were a 49 theme..not sure why other than mocking 49er who fartsacked!

Tiger Rag’s rain hat….Indiana Jones or the Gordon Fisherman?  You decide

T-Claps for FNG Dean’s List EH’d by Bulldog to join us over his spring break.  The boy (yes, he’s 24) just lost 80 lbs in last six months and got accepted into school again!  Good job there brother!  Look for him tomorrow at Death Valley.

Welcome Mr. Munch (FNG) who was EH’d by his lead singer, Chuck E. Cheese.  #keyboard?

Dolphin was loving the rain and the running, fish in water this am…Strong!

SnowFlake ventured to the Southland to join us today.  Welcome to Skunk Works, tell others.  We love visitors.

Stonehenge converges at the Rock this Saturday.

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11 years ago

I think Monkey Joe either loves or hates the 49ers. ABBA was there.

11 years ago

Solid job Monkey Joe. WIndy, rainy but at least it was in the 50s. Tiger Rag’s hat was a big hit and he was crushing the runs around the church (as well as the rest of the wrkout). Strong work brothers.

11 years ago

Hats off to two brave FNG’S for showing up to a scene straight from The Perfect Storm. Joe “Deans List” Wheeler was a machine as was “Mr. Munch” Kolby. Nothing like starting the day doing abs with a small stream meandering through the nether regions. Nice workout Monkey Joe.

Ice T
Ice T
11 years ago

Good job Monkey Joe as Q. Good beat down on a solid workout in the wet. Thanks to RunStopper for setting the tone of the morning…. “Get in the bathtub!!!”

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